In Your Arms

Nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.


2. 2

My photography class doesn't start in another hour so I might as well get some lunch. I went to the cafeteria which was a 10 minute walk from my creative writing class' building. I walked in the cafeteria and there wasn't many people in there. I sat on a table on the far back corner and took the lunch that I made. I made a veggie wrap this morning. I didn't wanna eat cafeteria food.


I took out my phone to again keep me company while I'm eating. I looked through every social media that I had to catch on things that I missed. I didn't miss that much so I just shoved my phone back in my bag and finished finished my lunch.


As I was putting everything back in my bag, the guy from creative writing class sat on the chair opposite from me.


"Hey, you're Ayanna right?" He asks and gives me a warm smile.




"I'm jace by the way"


"Uh nice to meet you" I said awkwardly.


"You too" jace says taking out a sandwich from his bag. "So what do you have next?"


"Photography, you?"


"Same" he says taking a bite of his, what look like ham and cheese, sandwich. "Do you wanna walk there with me so you won't get lost?" He asks nicely.


"I never really get lost but okay" I said and gave him a little smile.


"So Ayanna"


"You can call me Aya"


"Okay, so Aya, are you a freshman or a sophomore, I just wanted to make sure I hope that's not rude or anything." He eyes are a really nice shade of brown.


"No, it's fine" I gave him a little smile. "And I'm a freshman" I said. He's already eaten half of his sandwich, damn this boy eats fast. "What about you?"


"Sophomore" he took a drink from his water bottle and through the rest of his sandwich in the bin behind him. "Do you wanna start walking now? The photography building is about 15 minutes away from here." Jace asks zipping up his bag.


"Uh yeah sure" I took my bag and got up from my seat. I started walking towards the door and jace walked slightly behind me.


Me and Jace started walking in the direction of the photography class and it was an awkward silence until a girl with bleached blond hair and bold pink lips wearing galaxy jeans, black boot wedges and a cream jumper came up to Jace and hugged him, tight. 


"Hey Jace, how was your summer?" The girl had a really high pitched voice and i'm not being mean or anything but her voice is pretty annoying.


"Uh hey Amanda, yeah it was good, yours?" Jace asked as nice and as polite as he can.


"Mine was great, why didnt you show up to any of the parties?" Amanda asks, her brown furrowed. 


"I was pretty busy with things." He gives her a tiny smile. Jace looks over at me for a second then looks back at Amanda. "By the way, Amanda this is Ayanna, Ayanna this is Amanda" Jace says with hand gestures.


i smiled and said "Hey" to Amanda. she says it too but not as energetic as the hey she gave Jace.


"Hey i have to go, I'll see you too later" she says giving jace a peck on the cheek and walks off without looking back. How does she walk in those shoes.


"Uh, that was Amanda" He said uncomfortably.


"You guys seem pretty close" I smiled at him.


"she's my ex, we dated for about 8 months"


"Why did you guys break up?" I asked curiously but then regret it. he might think I'm nosey or something. i don't someone i just met to think i'm nosey. "Sorry, you don't have to-" 


"It's okay" he says and gives me a little smile. "She cheated on me"


"Oh" I didn't know what else to say but that. 


Jace just lets out a little laugh and we continue walking in awkward and uncomfortable silence.






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