Rose Woods and the Dragon Quest

Rose is a normal pre-teen learning to be a Guardian Angel, also known as Celestrians.
Then one night there is a zap of purple light in the Observatory! Before she knows it, Rose is losing her wings.

Join Rose on her epic adventure to get back to the Observatory and become the Guardian of Angel Falls once more! Inspired by Dragon Quest IX. Note: Nintendo owns that game. I do not.


6. Use Your Head!!

"Do you know how much I hate you?! You stole my thunder! I brought the mirror and would have eventually found out what to do with it but ohhhh no! You just have to think quicker than me! I can't believe you! Oh gosh, if I wasn't trying to be a guardian right now, nothing would stop my hands getting round your throat and throttling you! I really hate you and you're a disgrace to every angel! Just bug off and--"


Blah blah blah blah blah! Why can't this labyrinth full of tricks have some sort of magic that mutes all idiots from talking?! Urgh! How I wish I could pull my ears out and prevent myself from further listening to this torture! Even though I'm just walking and blatantly ignoring her, that doesn't stop Diana from blabbing on.

"You made me look bad! You made me look like an idiot! You're an imbecile, Rose Woods. And you know what, despite your name, I think that instead of a graceful, blooming flower, you're more like a weed who's always getting in my wa--"


"SHUT UP!!!" I turn my head around to see a shocked Diana, eyes widened at the once calm-and-collected Rue who made the sudden outburst. "To the Underworld with you!" Rue spits at the gawking diva's feet before catching up and walking beside me.


"What did I just witness?" I ask to receive a smirk from my best friend. She blows her dangling curly fringe out of her face before replying.


"The nature loving, calm best friend you once had just put snotty-nosed princess in her place," I laugh when she says this. Honestly, nothing was wrong with the old one but I seriously like this new Rue! She's awesome!


We laugh as we walk, Storm grinning at which Diana just sticks her tongue out and Cat just aimlessly doing the ponytail flip with her bright red hair. I still can't believe what Rue actually did! No matter how many times I replay the situation in my head, I just can't get around it. I mean, who could?! Rue Willows, shy, calm, rarely ever mad was just, like, "bam bam bam! I'm awesome and can tell Drama Queen to shut the heck up!" I mean, come on!


BAM! The stone wall collapses, trapping us like we're in some sort of box! 

"What in the name of furballs?!" Cat calls. Cat... That names suits her. It's short for Catherine but I wouldn't be surprised if her parents purposely named her that. Speaking of parents, I keep wondering about mine. What was Mum thinking when she named me Rose? Why did she abandon me....


"ARGH!!!! WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!!" Storm frantically shouts, snapping me out of my daze. I look around to see that the walls are closing in on us at a steady pace.


"The heck?! Apus Major, did you send us into a death trap?!" Storm yells.


"Oh ho ho! Of course I did!" Apus Major gives a hearty chuckle.


"YOU WHAT?!" Storm replies, dumbfounded. That obviously not being the answer he expected.


"Of course, it's simple to get out of," Apus Major continues, "you just have to think, use your head."


It hits Rue like a lightbulb. I can see the gears mentally turning in her head. She scans the wall on the north side to see it is slightly cracked. Without waiting further instructions, she grabs Storm and lifts him up.


"ARGH! GET OFFA ME, WOMAN!!!" Storm starts banging and screaming, trying to escape Rue's grip. Diana, Cat and I just stare with our jaws touching the ground.


"Shut up and use your head!" She snaps, aiming at the wall.


"I WOULD BUT YOU'RE DISRUPTING THE BLOOD FLOW!!" Storm crosses his arms as best as he can. Rue gives one last sigh of defeat before charging and throwing Storm head first into the wall like a javelin. It immediately breaks open, leaving a hidden chamber behind. While in the safe zone, Storm rubs his head before glaring at Rue.

"What was that?!" He shouts.

Rue smirks, "that's called using your head."


Then we dash out of the closing death trap towards Storm, who surprisingly has a massive headache!

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