Rose Woods and the Dragon Quest

Rose is a normal pre-teen learning to be a Guardian Angel, also known as Celestrians.
Then one night there is a zap of purple light in the Observatory! Before she knows it, Rose is losing her wings.

Join Rose on her epic adventure to get back to the Observatory and become the Guardian of Angel Falls once more! Inspired by Dragon Quest IX. Note: Nintendo owns that game. I do not.


5. The Labyrinth

"Welcome, Celestrians to the challenge!!" Aquila's voice boomed. "Only one of you will become the Guardian of Angel Falls, as you are all aware. So welcome, TO THE LABYRINTH!!! The first one to grab the treasure at the end wins!"

I lock eyes with Rue and she shakes her head. We're enemies now, fighting for the same position. As if she knows what I'm thinking, she nods her head. Friends outside we may be, but in the labyrinth everyone is your enemy.

"Rose," Storm appears next to me, still looking up at Aquila, "good luck,"

"You too," I reply.

"ON YOUR WINGS, GET SET.... GO!" Aquila sounds the whistle and we take off running. I have never been a fast sprinter, but this time, I'm running like my life depends on it... And to me, it does.


As I suspected, Diana has officially turned into the laughing stock of the whole Observatory.

"It's dark... And you expect me to go through that?! Who know what muddy stuff could damage my shoes!" she screams.

I keep my eyes focused on the road ahead. It gets dark and darker until we can't see a thing.

"I suppose you all want me to shed light on this situation," I can imagine the grin on Aquila's face when he says this. He likes puns too?! Now that was a good one! "Try and figure out a way to get past. Or you can always quit..."

I see a little light coming from a hole in the cave, then I see what looks like ancient markings... And Diana is struggling to see her face through her pocket mirror... That's it!


"Diana, gimme your mirror!" Without waiting for a reply, I snatch it out of her hand.

"Hey! Get your own!" She pouts. I point the mirror to the hole in the cave and reflect the light onto the markings. They start glowing a mysterious gold and everyone stares in awe. The gold markings travel until they reach two fire torches. They set on flames. The gold marking continue growing until the whole cave is filled with light.

"Woah..." Storm drops his mouth open.

"Purrfect!" Cat purrs.

"Awesome!" Rue fist-bumps me.

We then hear a voice surrounding us, only, it's not Aquila's.

"Well done, Rose, my child!" Apus Major's kind voice echoes through and I smile.

"Thank you, my lord!" I call back.

"W-wait!" Diana shoves me out of the way and steps forward. I stumble backwards and dig my copper sword into the ground to steady myself.

"Hey!" I protest but Diana ignores me. 

"Rose may of worked it out but it was my mirror! If I hadn't of brought it, we'd still be stuck!" 

Apus Major's laughter fills the space, "that may be so but we checked your belongings before you started and made the obstacles from there. Didn't want anyone to cheat, did we?"


I smirk at Diana and she glares at me. Looks like we're not 'friends' anymore.

"Come on, then! We have a labyrinth to get through!" I draw my copper sword once again and we head deeper into the danger ahead...


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