Rose Woods and the Dragon Quest

Rose is a normal pre-teen learning to be a Guardian Angel, also known as Celestrians.
Then one night there is a zap of purple light in the Observatory! Before she knows it, Rose is losing her wings.

Join Rose on her epic adventure to get back to the Observatory and become the Guardian of Angel Falls once more! Inspired by Dragon Quest IX. Note: Nintendo owns that game. I do not.


1. Prologue

If you are there, show yourself. Come out into the light. Dark things have happened in this world. They are happening all the time. So here we wait. Wait for the light.  Maybe the Almighty One will one day smile upon us.  Have you heard how He created the world with just a zap of thunder bolt? Now he wants to destroy it...


"Yea, the mortals are not fit to inhabit my kingdom. The sins of greed, of falsehood, of dishonour are like unto a plague among them." The Lord Zenus says up high in his golden throne. His white beard keeps waving as he speaks.

"From dust they came... and to dust I shall return them." He stands up, head held high and arm ready to strike.

"One bolt to create it, one bolt to end..."

"STOP! I BEG OF YOU! STAY YOUR HAND!"His beautiful daughter, Celestria runs down the stairs. Her golden hair whips in the wind. Her royal blue eyes that make you sorry for all the sins you have ever made plead with hope. She looks so beautiful in her leafy headdress and white and pink dress.

Zenus sends the bolt hurdling toward the Earth in an instant! Quickly, Celestria counters it with a shimmering blue light!


Celestria moves herself to face her father. She takes a deep breath. They haven't talked in a long while. Not since she told him about her child.

"Wherefore do you defy me?" Zenus asks. He sends the whole palace shaking at his words.

"Father... I-I have faith in the mortals! You cannot - you must not - lay waste to their realm... I beg of thee " Celestria stumbles on her words. 

"SILENCE! You shall not sway me... The mortals will be eradicated!"


"Father, I- I have fave in the mortals... I assume this form that the mortals and their realm might be shielded from you wrath. I will- I must protect them..."

Celestria closes her eyes and extends her arms. She starts glowing in a bright light all around her. Branches wrap around her arms. Her head held high.  Celestria turns into a beautiful tree, right in the middle of the throne room.

"Celestria no! You will be cursed in a eternal sleeping spell!!!" 

"To protect the mortals and alike from your wrath, I will become Yggdrasil the world tree. The only way I will become myself again is when you see the mortals show gratitude to you. Until then, Yggdrasil I will remain." 


"Very well Celestria. For your sake I will stay my hand. I will create a race to help you and call them Celestrians in your honour." After time had passed, The Observatory was created, and Celestria gave birth inside her tree to a baby girl. "Hello my little Rose." She whispers and cradles the baby in her arms. The only Celestrian who knows the secret behind Yggdrasil is Apus Major, leader of the Celestrians.


Celestria sings a lullaby to Rose that goes like this:

'Sleep now, sleep now,

 Rest now my dearest girl,

sleep now my darling one

 Dream now, dream now.

 Always remember that I love you.

 Even as time may pass away,

You always brighten up my day.

 Dream well, sleep well. 

You are my precious little Rose.'

She kisses her forehead. Saying her last goodbye to her Celestrian daughter Rose. Apus Major takes the baby gently from her and takes her inside...

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