Rose Woods and the Dragon Quest

Rose is a normal pre-teen learning to be a Guardian Angel, also known as Celestrians.
Then one night there is a zap of purple light in the Observatory! Before she knows it, Rose is losing her wings.

Join Rose on her epic adventure to get back to the Observatory and become the Guardian of Angel Falls once more! Inspired by Dragon Quest IX. Note: Nintendo owns that game. I do not.


2. One Last Chance

My name is Rose Woods. I am a Celestrian, a guardian of mortal kind. I am eleven years old. I never knew my parents. Apus Major told me that they gave me up when I was a baby because I was born a Celestrian. He says they wanted to keep me but couldn't. Many others like me know their parents and get to visit them down on the Protectorate (our name for the Earth that we have sworn to protect). Not me. I don't know where they are. I don't know who they are. I don't know if I will ever see them. I try not to think about it though. Apus Major raised me in their place. He told me that because of who my parents are, I am the Celestrian Princess. That is all he will tell me. Apus Major says that when the time comes he will tell me everything.


As Celestrians, we train to be the guardians of mortal kind. There are the Celestrians who work in the library, Celestrians who guard Apus Major, all the treasures and scrolls AND Celestrians who watch over the Protectorate.

There are only those lucky enough to get picked by a former guardian that are chosen to be the next guardian of a certain area. Some guardians don't even want to take on apprentices. I train so hard in class. In my spare time, I even go to the library in my spare time. I really want to become a guardian and explore the realm below! Unfortunately for me there is one space left, and Aquila doesn't want an apprentice.


I lie on my bed in my dormitory. I have only just heard this news. I think of what a fool I have been. Thinking I would be chosen like that. Obviously I am not an option! I'm the 'Princess Celestrian' so of course they would want to stay away. Even if Aquila would choose an apprentice, it's not likely to be me.

I hear a knock at the door. "Come in." I say.

The door opens and my friend, Rue Willows, comes in. She is wearing a yellow sunflower coloured dress to compliment her tanned skin. She has her afro hair braided and pulled back into a short high pony tail.


"Hey Rose." She says.

"Hi." I croak. Rue is the only one who knows why I am upset. She's been keeping her distance because she knows better than to come to me when I'm emotional. I see sympathy in her choclate brown eyes but she gets straight to the point.

"Apus Major has requested all student Celestrians to the main hall at once." Rue tells me firmly. "He says there may be one more chance..." 


She doesn't need to say anymore. I'm glad I wore my sky blue dress - which goes well with my pure white halo and wings. I hurry out the door with Rue. Everyone knows that their is no point in having a halo and wings if you can't use them. We are only allowed to fly in flying lessons and down in the Protectorate. Rue is my best friend although I know she is up against me to be Aquila's apprentice.


We make our way to the front row, trying our best not to push passed anyone else. We stand straight and tall in front of Apus Major. He waits till everyone gets here. Diana Mallory stands next to me. Looking proud as if to quote that she was born to be a guardian.

"Good evening my children." Apus Major speaks loud and clear. "As you all know, there is one more place available for a guardian. Aquila made it clear that he did not want an apprentice before. Am I correct Aquilla?" Apus Major asks.

"Yes." Aquila stands on Apus Major's left hand side. "I have decided that I will take up an apprentice. Only if I see potential in them. Otherwise I will not." His eyes look at the rows. And as if I am imagining it, he stares straight at me.


"I will pick only one."

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