Rose Woods and the Dragon Quest

Rose is a normal pre-teen learning to be a Guardian Angel, also known as Celestrians.
Then one night there is a zap of purple light in the Observatory! Before she knows it, Rose is losing her wings.

Join Rose on her epic adventure to get back to the Observatory and become the Guardian of Angel Falls once more! Inspired by Dragon Quest IX. Note: Nintendo owns that game. I do not.


3. Messing up is not an option!

I don't believe what I just heard. Chatter starts going about the room. I hear Diana say to one of her friends, "I have so got to be guardian! It's like the coolest thing ever!"

My royal blue eyes stay locked with Aquila's. I find myself twirling a strand of my straight, dark brown hair. I always do that when I am nervous. 

Apus Major raises a hand and the chatter ceases.

"As you were saying, Aquila, Guardian of Angel Falls?" 

Aquila nods his bald head, "I will pick the Celestrian whom I think has the most potential. Only one, as the rule states." Once again, Aquila locks eyes with me, "I think I have already chosen, but there maybe still a chance to change my mind."

"Thank you Aquila, and I hope you will choose wisely." Apus Major finishes.

"Wait! Five of you will take part in a competition. And those five are..."As Aquila says this, my heart starts beating faster and faster,"Rue Willows!" There is cheering and applause. I give Rue a half smile. If anyone is to win, I'd rather it be Rue then someone like Diana Mallory.

Aquila continues calling out the names,"Storm Wisher!" I glance back at my friend Storm, who gives me a wink back. Then I pull a funny face and he laughs.

"Cat Dayals!" Now Cat is meowing and making her friends laugh big time. She shakes her pony tail of red hair back.

"Diana Mallory!" I see Diana shake her blonde curls back and say to her friends, "I told you! I told you!"

I take a deep breath. A only one place left. "And ROSE WOODS!!!!" I Hear everyone cheer once more. Diana Mallory comes up to me and wishes me good luck. Even though I'm apparently her friend, she's not gonna go easy on me.

"Thanks for the heads up." I tell Diana, who gives me an innocent smile. She's gonna probably scream at the next piece of dirt she sees.

"The competition will hold battling each other as well as creatures of the dark. Be warnedyou could get severely injured and the rules state we shall not be able to help." Aquila ends on that final note.

Short Apus Major with his long beard and walking stick dismisses us, "Thank you students. And goodnight.

"Hey Rose," I hear a friendly voice at my side.

"Hey Storm," I reply.

"Looking forward to the race?"

"I guess so. I have to practice a lot."

"Heh. Your gonna need to. Your up against this boy!!" Storm emphasises on the words this boy and pulles a funny face which makes me laugh.

"See ya Rosie!" He says

'Bye Storm." I say and open the door to my room.

I slump myself down on my bed. Aquila's words echo in my mind.


"I will pick only one."


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