Guardian of Gothamia

Taylor Hudson was part of the prophecy.
A gorgeous kingdom where mythical beings reside,
she's the rightful guardian of the Land of Gothamia.


1. Princess Lithia's Call

  "Taylor, are you done yet?" Tyler, my elder brother, asked. I grabbed the silver key necklace Grandmother Claire gave to me as a present on my ninth birthday and held it to my neck as I opened the door. Tyler was standing there, and I told him to wear it for me. He groaned and half-heartedly placed the necklace in place. I then grabbed my backpack and two golden arm cuffs with different gems on them. I passed the one with the emeralds to Tyler and we put them on.

  These arm cuffs give us the power to fly, and an extra ability. Emeralds give Tyler the ability to teleport from one place to another. Amethysts give me the ability to adept to any elemental change and use it to my advantage. Princess Lithia of Gothamia gave it to us as a token of appreciation for saving Gothamia from the lake witch, Diterlizzi. Now that Princess Lithia sent her fellow messenger, Valkyrie, an elemental user, he told us that there's an important field of malfunctions in Gothamia.

  For some reason, Goliath, the giant whom we successfully sent away locked up in the farthest, most abandoned areas of Gothamia, had escaped. It's either by that twisted little gnomes and trolls or the team of Stormbreak witches.

  "Are you ready for flight, Taylor?" Valkyrie asked. I nod my head as I made myself comfortable on Rosevelt, Valkyrie's dragon. I put an arm on Valkyrie's shoulder, the other holding on to my cloak. I looked into my room and my reflection got out of the mirror in my pajamas and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled. Valkyrie whispered something and Rosevelt began to flap his wings.

  We were lifted up into the air, and Valkyrie opened the portal to Gothamia. Rosevelt flew up, up and higher above and we flew towards the portal, before Rosevelt did a stunt which made me go dizzy. "D-don't, g-getting.. g-gonna.. p-puke!" I exclaimed, before vomitting in the air as we got sucked into the portal.

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