The Cousin of a Pop Star (l.h.)

What if you were able to travel on a world tour?
What if you met your idol?
What if you played truth or dare with him?
What if he keeps a big secret?
What if you were the cousin of a pop star?

© 2014-2016 michaelstacosxx


11. You Won't Tear Us Apart

Pam's POV

I still couldn't get out of my mind the moment when Luke found me between the library's shelves.
The way he had been so kind and caring. The way his beautiful eyes looked at me.
Oh, but the part that gives me butterflies every time I think about it is when I covered my face with my hands and he gently retired them. He kept on holding my wrists softly for a while.
At that moment, when he got just a little closer to me, my heart beated as it had never did before.
Yes, I was 16 and I hadn't been in love yet. I hadn't even kissed anyone in my whole life. 
It was kinda frustrating. 

He was just so nice. 
When he found out that I actually could sing and play the guitar, I asked him not to tell a soul. Something in my heart told me that he would never speak about it.

I was somehow glad that Luke knew about my secret. It was a bit liberating now that I wasn't the only one who carried it but also a person that I felt I could trust in.
This also made us come a little more close. We'd turned into really good friends.
We would talk about anything. 

Well, to be honest, not "anything". For example, I couldn't go and ask him: "Luke, would you ever go out with me?" or say "Hey, do you wanna go on a date with me?". 

No. Of course not.

But we did hanged out and did some things together. Nothing that could be confused with being in love or even being a couple. It was just friendship stuff.

But there was this problem. Maybe, with this new proximity of Luke and I, Clary had felt that I had abandoned her or I had sidelined her. She might have felt like if I had changed her.
But that was obviously not true. No one, not even Luke, could take Clary's place in my life and in my heart. 
She had been my best friend almost since we were 2 years old, and that, I would never let it change.

Just like I did with Luke, she and Ashton got to be great friends. 
They were always laughing and making funny/stupid/silly things.
I felt a little bit jealous and my heart was hurt.
But it had been my fault. I was the one who had found a new friend first. I guess I was so happy about having Luke as my friend was exciting! I mean, every girl dreams to be at least friends with their crushes!
Anyways, I was decided to make it up to her and to continue our everlasting friendship.
Nothing could tear us apart.

However, that day when Luke made breakfast (which was delicious, by the way), this problems still hadn't bothered Clary and I. 
It was about 1:45 pm when Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn finally arrived.
I had just finished dressing up after my shower and I was sitting on the couch combing my hair while watching Teen Wolf, one if my favorite TV series ever. 
Clary was still showering. She liked to take her time.
The 5SOS guys were procasinating or playing video games. Probably FIFA; they loved it.
"Hey, there's my fave cousin!" Niall greeted me.
"Oh! There are the guys who went missing since yesterday night! I have to tell the police that you are safe, healthy and back home." I loved to tease and mess with this guys.
"Hi, guys. How was your meeting?" Louis made a girl voice trying to imitate me. Fail.
"Sorry. Hi, guys. How was your meeting?" A smirk made it's way on my face as I repeated playfuly Louis' words.
"You're supossed to jump from your seat and look enthusiastic!" Harry protested.
"Ughh, no. You guys are too far from my seat and I am watching Teen Wolf."
"We're standing like 10 steps from where you are." Liam clearly didn't understanded that just with answering them I was showing them how much I love them.
No one could interrupt my precious time with Derek Hale. 
Niall sighed. "Where are the others?"
"Clary is taking one of her eternal showers and the boys are playing Play Station, I think." I didn't even glanced at them when I said that. My eyes were only for the TV right now.
"You indeed have an obsession with that program." Zayn commented.
"Whatever. I'm so tired I could sleep for two entire days!" Said Harry and the rest of them agreed with him.
They said that they would see me later since they needed some sleep and walked upstairs.
On their way, they said hello to the 5SOS boys who were on the video games room.
"Hi!" They answered in unison and kept on playing.
I placed my sight back on the screen and kept on paying attention to my favorite series.
Haii! There's a picture of Pam in the media. 
This was a more or less short chapter. Sorry. I want to make the next a little bit longer.

I'm not sure of when I'll be able to upload the next chapter since I'm going to travel to Orlando tomorrow and, you know, with shopping and the Disney parks I may not have much time.
I'll try my best to upload a good chapter soon.
Please, KEEP ON READING! I'm truly grateful for all my readers :) luv ya 💕

Andrea :) xx

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