The Cousin of a Pop Star (l.h.)

What if you were able to travel on a world tour?
What if you met your idol?
What if you played truth or dare with him?
What if he keeps a big secret?
What if you were the cousin of a pop star?

© 2014-2016 michaelstacosxx


21. You and I

A/N: OMG 3.8K is too much for me to handle! Thank you so much for reading my story and voting for it. That means so much to me. I love you guys thank you for helping me to turn just a small and simple idea into such a big thing ily ❤️ Here's another chap xx



Luke's POV

"May I kiss you?" I asked.
"I'm afraid of falling, Luke." She whispered.
"I'll catch you." I smiled. I moved closer and leaned in.
When I was just about to kiss her...

"GUYS, I NEED SOME HELP HERE!" Zayn's voice came from downstairs. He sounded worried and scared.
In less than a minute, all of us were beside him.
"What happened, Zay-" Calum was asking but he got his answer when he saw Niall.
"Oh my God, Niall! What happened to you?" Pam asked freaking out.

Niall had a bruised eye, all purple and black, his bottom lip was open and blood was coming out from his nose. He could barely stay standing up so he was resting his weight on Zayn.

"I went to kick Mark's ass, like I said." He tried to smirk but failed.
"Are you insane?! What the hell were you thinking? He's a psychopath! He could have killed you! He...!" 
"Pamela! Pamela! Calm down! I'm fine! We just had a fight, that's all! And I knocked him out." Niall said with pride.
"Zayn, take him to the couch. I'll bring the first aid kit." She said running upstairs. In a blink she was already standing next to her cousin.

"Okay, Niall, this is gonna hurt a little, okay?" In her hand she holded a cotton ball, wet with medical alcohol.
"Oh, come on, Pam. I'm an adult. I don't cry or scream as a child anym-AAAAAHHHHH STOP IT! IT HURTS, IT HURTS!"
"It's done! Stop screaming!" She said with a smirk plastered on her face.
This had stopped being a worrying situation. Now we were all laughing at Niall.
"C'mon guys! It hurts, okay? Just let it go."
"Let it go, let it go! Can't hold it back anymore! Let it go, let it go! That perfect girl is gone!" Ashton and Michael couldn't listen to the phrase let it go without bursting into singing the Frozen song.

When the lads weren't singing that annoying song anymore and Niall was able to walk by himself, we were all wide awake. 
Sitting at the living room, in complete silence, was totally awkward.
There was no point in trying to "sleep" again, so Harry proposed to play a game.
"Ugh," Pam groaned. "I've played that game like a thousand times since I glt here."
"That's because it's fun!" Louis exclaimed.
"C'mon, Pammy!" Liam begged.
"Yes, Pammy."
She exhaled. "Okay. "Pammy" is gonna play."

Pam's POV

I wasn't convinced about playing this game again. It brought bad consequences most of the time.
It consisted in answering questions, but you were paired up, so that someone who knew the real answer to the question would be able to tell if you were saying the truth.
We were 10 since Clary wasn't with us and that made me kinda sad.

I just wished Niall hadn't gone to look for Mark because maybe then, Luke and I would still be upstairs. Maybe cuddling. Maybe kissing. I don't know. Maybe we wouldn't have to be playing this stupid game. This was the second time I could have kissed my dream boy, my entire life's crush. And life hated me so much that we got interrupted. Again. 
I still felt butterflies in my stomach when I thought about what had just happened some minutes ago in my bedroom with Luke.
He was so dreamy, so cute, so charming, so... So Luke Hemmings.

My phone buzzed. I excused myself for a moment and moved away from where the boys were.
"Pam? It's Clary." 
My heart stopped.
"Geez! How are you? When did you woke up? What happened?"
She let out a chuckle. "I'm better now, thank you. And I woke up some hours ago. Listen, I've got to apologize."
"Apologize? Why even?"
"Because I should've told you about... You know, Mark."
"It's okay, girl. Oh, and Niall knocked him out today." I giggled.
"What?! How come?" She laughed.
"Yeah! He went out and then came back with a bruised eye and some other small injuries saying that he had gone to kick his ass." 
"Oh, dear. Your cousin is the best human being ever."
"I know. I really wish you could be here, I've got so much things to tell you."

The doorbell rang and I asked my friend to hold on for a second.
I opened the door and found her standing right in front of me.
"Bibidi-babidi-bu. Your wish has come true." She smiled.

I screamed and she screamed. We hugged like we hadn't seen each other in a year but it had felt like it. Her parents stayed behind her, staring at us with smiles plastered on their faces.

"What happened, Pam? Are you okay?" Niall appeared from nowhere, panting because he had to run to get to the door.
"CLARY!" He hugged us both at the same time. "How are you?"
"I-I can't breathe!" She exclaimed and we stepped back. "That's better. And I'm feeling great, thank you, Niall."
"GUYS? ARE YOU OKAY?" We heard Michael and Harry scream. Instantly, the other boys were standing in front of us and looking at Clary basically with their jaws dropped to the floor.
"Clary? Is it really you?" Liam asked stepping closer.
"Are you sure you're not a ghost or something?" Calum asked and Clary and I bursted into laughter.
"Yes, Liam, it's me and no, Calum, I'm not a ghost." She stated.
"GROUP HUG." Luke yelled and we all hugged again. Even Clary's parents joined our hug.

"Wait a second." Clary said when we let go. "Where's Ashton?"
"Oh, I think he's at the backyard. He said he needed some air." Luke said.
"He's been kinda depressive since your accident, Clary." Zayn added.
"C'mon. Let's surprise him." I suggested to my friend and we asked to the others to stay there for a while.

We peeked at the glass door that led to the backyard and, as Luke had said, there he was. Sitting with his arms resting in his legs and his head down. Poor Ash. I wasn't used to see him like that.
I placed my finger over my mouth to gesture to Clary to stay quiet.
She nodded and we opened the door cautiously.

"Ash?" I called him.
He didn't turned to look at us. "I'm okay, Pam."
"You sure?" 
"I just-I just wish I could have told Clary." He said, obviously not knowing she was standing right beside me.
Clary turned to me and mouthed "Tell me what?"
I gave her a cheeky smile and said: "Then why don't you just tell her?"
"How am I supposed to do that? She's not here." He said a little angrily.
"And what if I am here?" Clary asked.
His head popped up and he slowly turned around to find us both standind behind him.
He was perplexed. 
He stayed looking at Clary for a while. She gave him a big smile and he smiled too. Suddenly, he got up from the bench, threw himself onto Clary and made their lips collide. He slided one hand to her back and the other one to her cheek and she sled her arms over his shoulders tangling her fingers with his hair.
When they broke the kiss to get air he said: "I love you, Clarissa. I've loved you from the start." and they kissed again.

I smiled as I bit my lower lip. I was proud of myself and happy for them. They were just so cute together.

I started stepping backwards to leave them alone but a hose got on my way and my foot got tied to it. 
I was about to fall down when a pair of strong arms catched me.
I looked up and found a pair of deep blue eyes. 
"I told you: I'll always catch you if you fall." He smiled at me.
I couldn't resist it no more. I stood up in tiptoe and crashed my lips onto his. He was surprised at first but then he kissed back. My hands were over his chest and his hands on my waist.
We pulled back for a second. He rested his forehead on mine and we smiled.
I felt we were being watched and, in fact, we were. Everyone was staring at us, including Ashton and Clary, with cheeky smiled on their faces like if saying "I told you so."
But I didn't cared. Luke and I were the only thing that I cared about.

"So, Pamela. I was wondering if you-if you would be my..." He was really nervous.
"Yes, Luke. I would love to be your girlfriend." I said.
"Really?" He smiled like a little kid.
"I love you, Pam."
"And I love you, Luke."


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