The Cousin of a Pop Star (l.h.)

What if you were able to travel on a world tour?
What if you met your idol?
What if you played truth or dare with him?
What if he keeps a big secret?
What if you were the cousin of a pop star?

© 2014-2016 michaelstacosxx


16. Perfect Imperfections

Luke's POV I was about to tell her. I was about to spit it all out. Then she received that call. "Who?!" She asked. I didn't get to hear what she had been told. She dropped the phone to the sand; her face was pale and it looked like if she was about to faint. Her legs couldn't handle her whole weight and she almost fell. I catched her before she did. "Pam? Pamela? What happened?" I asked. "Sh...she...she was hit by a car...she is...she is in the hospital...Clary is in the hospital". The tears were streaming down her face. It hurted me to see her like that. "Shh, it's okay. It's gonna be okay, I promise". I hugged her and pressed her head in my shoulder with one of my hands. ---- "Clarissa Thompson?" Pamela asked the receptionist as soon as we walked into the hospital. "Room 167". The lady answered gently. "Thank you so much". We walked fast to where the lady had lead us and we found the room. The door was closed. "Luke?" "Yes, princess?" "Why the hell did I just called her princess? Stupid Luke. Stupid!" "I'm scared. Can you... Can you hold my hand? If you don't mind, of course". I blushed and smiled nervoulsy. Was she really asking me to hold her hand? "Of couse I can hold your hand". I held out my hand, she grabbed it and I, with all of the courage I could gather, intertwined my fingers with hers. My heart raced when she did the same and holded onto my wrist with her free hand. I glanced at her and opened the wooden door. It was all white with some drawers all made of wood. In one of the walls there was a big window which was partially covered by big blue curtains. There was one brown couch beside the bed where Clary layed, in which Ashton was sitting with his arms resting in the side of the bed, and two more chairs occupied by Calum and Niall. The rest of the guys were standing. Michael, Harry, Liam and Zayn had their arms over their chests. Louis was laying onto the wall. Clary's body was covered of scratches and bruises. I didn't know if she was sleeping, if she was sedated or if she was still unconscious. The guys' heads turned to see us when we entered the room and some of them noticed our interwined hands. "Oh my God, Clary..." Pam whispered and the tears came running down her face again. Her free hand covered her mouth and she pressed her head and her body agains my chest. I hugged her really thight. I didn't cared if all of them were watching us. I didn't cared about anything or anyone else. Just Her. When she calmed down, she turned her gaze to her cousin. "Will she be okay?" Niall sighed. "We all hope so. The doctor says he doesn't know when is she waking up but that she's lucky that she's alive." "Guys, I'm getting a coffee. Who wants to come with me?" Harry said making his way to the door. "I'm coming." Zayn replied. "Me too. But I'll get a cake. Maybe a carrot one." Louis added. "Are you coming?" Harry asked to the four of us (5sos), Pam, Niall and Liam. "Okay." Liam and Niall gave in. "Sure." Calum and Michael went beside them. "I'm staying, lads." responded Ashton with a monotonous tone. "Me too." "Same." Pam said after I answered. "Let's go then." And they left. Ashton's POV It was a while until Luke and Pam decided to leave for her to get some air. She had been holding her hand while some tears fell down her cheeks. Luke holded Pam's hand like if they were a couple. I didn't wanted to aks if something had happened but I knew it wasn't the time. Besides, Lukey would have told me if anything had happened. The thing is that I was finally alone with Clarissa. Not exactly the type of "alone" that I planned but at least I could be with her. I gathered the courage I needed and I held her hand softly as if I feared awakening her. "You know, Clarissa? The first time that I saw you I just wanted to get to know you. I wanted to be your friend because you seemed like such a great person. I heard your name and then you said that you preferred your nickname. I didn't understanded how could someone like you not like something about herself, so I decided that maybe I could make you like your name by calling you like that. When I got to know you better, I discovered that you found so many flaws in you that I hadn't even noticed or thought that couldn't be called "flaws" but something more like "perfect imperfections". I look at you and I see a greek godess, I swear to God. Like if He wanted to make a perfect girl so He took his time to create you. I though-I still think-you're an angel without wings or that forgot how to fly. Somehow I managed to be madly in love with you. I don't even know if you feel the same but if you do, I'm willing to do anything for it to work." He paused for a moment and laughed sarcastically. "Damn it. I'm actually talking to you as if you were awake and I was asking you to be my girlfriend. I wish it was like that. I'm not sure if you can hear me but if you do... I just want you to know that I...I lov..." I couldn't finish those three words because Pam and Niall came in again. I had to move my hand from hers instantly. "How's she?" "She's doing fine." "Thank God." "You should go to get something to drink or to eat, Ash." Pam suggested. "Yeah, thank you. I will." I gave her a small smile and standed up. I opened the door and looked back at Clary. "Please, wake up soon." I begged her on my mind. "I love you. I can't be without you." ------- This is a short chapter, I know, I'm sorry. I almost cried writing this. It's so beautiful�� I hope you like it too. Thank for reading. Andrea :) xx
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