The Cousin of a Pop Star (l.h.)

What if you were able to travel on a world tour?
What if you met your idol?
What if you played truth or dare with him?
What if he keeps a big secret?
What if you were the cousin of a pop star?

© 2014-2016 michaelstacosxx


17. Mothers Always Know

Pam's POV

We were all again inside room 167 when the door went wide open and a couple bursted into the room.

"My baby!" Mrs. Thompson exclaimed at the sight of her bruised daughter. 
I got close to them and we hugged. They were like my second pair of parents.
"Oh, my dear," said Clary's mom when she took a better look at my swollen eyes "she's gonna be okay."
"Yeah, we already asked the doctor." Mr. Thompson wanted to seem calm but the nervousness and the worry in his voice betrayed him.
I nodded and let them say hi to everyone else in the room.

Some of the guys said "I'm sorry", others said "I hope she gets better soon".

When it was Ashton's turn to say hello he looked nervous as hell. He shook hands with Clary's dad and hugged her mom. Then he said his name was Ashton Irwin and mentioned how much he cared about Clarissa-that's how he called her-and wanted her to wake up soon to recover.

Mrs. Thompson came to me saying what a gentleman he was.
"The only strange this is that he called her Clarissa. She never allows anyone to call her like that." 
I chuckled. "Oh, she'll kill me for telling you this but what I know is that the day we met the 5sos boys, Harry introduced her as Clarissa. She inmediatly mentioned she preferred Clary. That's when Ash asked her why didn't she liked it if it was such a pretty name. Some days later she told me that she had tried so hard for him not to call her like that but she never could. I guess she finally got used to it."
"I sense that there's some love in the way." She said mysteriously.
"That's exactly what I have thought since we arrived to Niall's house." I agreed.
"And what about you?"
"Me?" I placed a hand in my upper chest.
"Is there any special boy for Pamela Gallagher?"

My eyes automatically searched for Luke.

He was standing at the other side of the room beside his band mates with his hands in the pockets of his black, ripped, skinny jeans.
His GO ALL THE aWAY shirt was wrinkled and he was staring at the floor while biting his lower lip, where his lip ring was.
His eyes instantly found mine when he felt my stare.
I wanted to turn away but he had already caught me so I gave him a small smile. 
He returned the gesture to me and I donmt know if it's me or he slightly blushed.

"Is that him? What's his name? He seems like a really nice guy. And he's cute." The whispers of my bestfriend's mother brought me back to reality.
"Yeah, he's truly nice and I admit he's cute but there's nothing between Luke and I." I stated.
"But you wish there was, don't you?"
How could she know that?
"Mothers always know, my dear." she said as if she had read my mind.

The door swang open again and a nurse came in.
"I'm sorry, but from now on, only two people at once are allowed."
"No problem. We understand." Mr. Thompson said.

The guys started to go through the door and Ash looked back at Clary once more as if he was saying his last goodbye. Then he went out too.

"Would you like to stay, Pam?" Clary's mother asked me.
"No, no. You stay. I've been here for a long time now and you deserve time with your daughter. She needs you."
"You sure?"
"Yes." I smiled and followed the others leaving them with Clary.

It was late and the sky was already dark so we went home. 
The trip was quiet: nobody wanted to talk. And Ashton, who was always the one cheering up people and starting conversations or giggling, looked like if someone he really loved had died. His eyes were lost.

I let myself fall in my bed when we got to the house and stared at the ceiling. I glanced at my nails. I had been biting them. I hadn't done that since I was 12.
Almost all of the turquoise polish had fallen.

Since it was almost 9pm I decided to change into something more comfy.
I headed to my closet and that's when I discovered a medium-sized paperboard box in my drawer.
The first thing that crossed my mind was "the mysterious guy".
I got close to it and carefully opened it.
Inside, there was a USB and...a letter.
But the envelope wasn't the same color as the other ones. It was white.

In the front it said FOR PAM.
Sitting on my bed, I opened it and read:

Dear Pam,
I hope you're doing fine in London. 
We miss you a lot, baby girl, and I wanted to send you this because then you wont't forget about us and how much we love you while all of you are in the tour.
These are memories.
This is the resume of your life.
Loves you,

"Mom. Not anonymous. Memories. Not songs or quotes." I took out the USB and looked at it.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.
"C'mon in!"
Blonde hair was the first thing I saw. Then a pair of eyes like mine.
"Hi, Niall."
"Hey! How are you feeling?" He sat beside me.
"Better. Clary's mother always helps. Just like mine. Mothers always know." 
"That's good."
Another knock. Luke stared at us as if asking if he was interrupting and if he could come in.
"Yes, Luke. You can come in."
He smiled and entered the room.
"Can we come in too?" Michael asked.
All of the guys came into my room.
Michael sat beside me too and the other guys sat in the floor.
"What's that?" Zayn asked pointing to the USB.
"Just something that my mom sent me. She says they're memories."
"Aren't memories a little big for that small thing?" Michael wondered.
"I don't know. I guess they're pictures or a video. I'm gonna need a laptop." I responded. 
"I have a better idea. Can I have that?" Niall held out a hand.
"Sure." I repeated and gave the device to him.
"Everyone go to the living room. I'll meet you there in a second." He said and walked throught the door.

"He's got those great ideas again. Let's go."
We walked to the door, went downstairs and everyone grabbed a spot in the couch or in the floor. 
Luke patted the place next to him gesturing me to seat there.
Somehow I noticed not everyone was there. 
"Wait a second. I'm coming."

I ran upstairs and to my bedroom.
I found him sitting with his back against the side of my bed and his knees pressed to his chest; his head between his knees and his hands in his hair.

"Ashton." I sighed.

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