The Cousin of a Pop Star (l.h.)

What if you were able to travel on a world tour?
What if you met your idol?
What if you played truth or dare with him?
What if he keeps a big secret?
What if you were the cousin of a pop star?

© 2014-2016 michaelstacosxx


1. Happy Birthday, Pam!

Pamela's P.O.V

I woke up with the sun rays on my eyes.

Not a good way to get up on your birthday...


Yes! Today's my birthday! I'm 16 now!

I standed up on my bed and started jumping over it dancing with the music that sounded only on my head.

It wasn't more than two minutes that i had began jumping when my phone rang.

It was Clary! She has been my best friend since we were 3.


"Good morning my birthday girl!!!"

"Hey Clary!"

"How it's your day going so far?"

"Well, I woke up like 5 minutes ago..."

"Ok, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that today you are officialy 16 Pam!"


"I'll go to your house later."


"What do you expect as a gift from your mom and dad?"

"Ummm... Well... I only have one thing but it's impossible..."

"Let me guess... You want to go to the tour with Niall right?"

"Exactly. It'd be awsome. But my parents won't let me go."

"Well... Maybe they will, since you are already 16!"

"I hope so."

"Me too. So I have to go, see ya later!"

"Bye, love you."

"Love you too."

I hunged up and went downstairs, to the kitchen.

When I got there my parents and my little sister jumped from behind the table and said:


My heart almost stopped because of the surprise that I wasn't expecting.

"Thank you!" I said.

My family ran and hugged me so tight that I almost couldn't breath.

"I made you an special breakfast, my dear. I can't believe that my baby it's 16 now..."

I just smiled and said:

"I can't believe it either, mom. Thanks."

I started eating my special breakfast.

"Pam! I know what your birth..." My little sister, Riley, couldn't finish her sentence because my mom covered my sister's mouth with her hand.


"Nothing, nothing" my mom said instantly. "It's a surprise, Riley" my mother said.

"Please. Tell me." I said.

"Nope" my father nodded negatively.

"Ughhh fine."

"I'll go to take a shower." He announced and went upstairs.

"Hey, Riley" I wispered when my mom wasn't looking "what were you going to say?"

But it looks like my mother heard and she took Riley to change her clothes.


This novel/fanfic was written by me on Wattpad. I decided to publish it here too since this is all about 5sos :)

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