The Bride Who Murdered Her Groom: A Stories Collection

Beautiful and sharp-witted, Sophia Solochi—blamelessly eighteen—understands that she must not ever fall in love. If she does, any peculiar man she has adored will not live what will befall him. In unquestionable words, he will die. Fast. Surely. And frightfully. Why would he perish, you may marvel? Sophia, also true with her female descent, is cursed. Any lad whom she falls for is destined to yield up his ghost in her very own arms and care. When she moves with her mother to Brownton to begin a fresh and unimpaired life, far away from their ancient calamities and sorrows, the worst things imaginable happen to them. Sophia cannot resist falling in love with Alex Ramirez, a strikingly handsome but in-a-short-time to-be Engineering postgraduate at Brownton University. Here, whilst pursuing a Fashion and Designing degree, she furtively repeats the self-same pursuit and engagement that effected insufferable agony and bitterness in her bygone days. Falling in love is extremely perilous, she


3. First Sight, First Impression











The photo shooting carried on by Alex was hilarious and amazing. He first took pictures of me as I sat on my chair by myself, directing me to pose this way and then that other, and to put on this kind of smile and then that contrasted one— as well as to station my body this manner and then that other manner. Each time before he would press down the ‘photo- shoot’ button, he unfailingly marveled and hung wide open his mouth at seeing how…gorgeous (hmnn, I don’t assume so)…or whatever-it-was that I looked. He was done in a matter of minutes, all smiling and wordly-wise looking.


“Can I have an eye at the photos?” I asked him.


He was surveying and checking them out at the moment when I asked. “Not so soon,” he pointed out in any case. “I am going to make paper and proper photos of them. Which I will eventually showcase you. But these digital ones, they are mine to keep and make use of.”


I sighed in frustration. “How do you plan to use them?”


He pressed his lips together for one concise moment. “That is my secret. It is not like you are going to find them on some well-known porn site with you being enlisted as their new talented and upcoming porn star.”


I quailed at that. “How can you say that? I don’t watch or sift pornographic sites. Well, for now, that is not my addiction or habit.”


Alex’s gaze on me was engrossed-like and whole-hearted. “Would you mind an additional few photos of us together taken?”


“Sure,” I replied.


He had the quiet and lonely man who was sitted next to our table capture a snapshot or two or five of us posing together; in the course of the photo shooting, he was this mindful and considerate whenever he touched me. Oh yes, there was an electricity-like and magnetizing-



like feel and force to his touch, which I could not distinctly explain and unfold. It was just there! The longer his hands tarried and stroked me, the greater and fiercer the force was. Maybe it was because I was so attracted and drawn in him. Maybe. In any case, I dunno.


At long last, our snack was served hot and delicious -smelling. The aroma almost killed me to instant starvation. The second I smelled the food, I became the world’s most hungriest person. My stomach groaned and grumbled and moaned and bewailed and whined much to my embarrassment and shame. Alex acted like he had not noticed and overheard it, but then he obviously had.


Fried chips, fried fish, fried chicken. Everything that we ate was fully and well-fried. Chili-ed soup, chili-ed vegetables, chili-ed eggs. Everything else that we devoured contained lots of tongue-gnawing chili. It was just so elaborate and to the hilt incredibly yummy. It definitely was.


Minutes later, we were over and through with the eating. Alex stared up at me with pleased and gratified eyes. “So, how was the meal?” He asked. “I hope that you liked it.”


I smiled leniently at him. “It was fantastic. First-rate even. I have also enjoyed every moment spent with you.”




“I cross my heart. That is the absolute and undiluted truth.”


It was final time that Alex and I ventured on our separate ways. Splitting up in other words. Outside of Sam’s Lobelia we stood for a while facing each other and holding hands before my car. I took my stand in a posture where my buttocks or backside were leaned and sloped against the newly-mended bonnet of my blue-colored car. My hair was lodged on my back behind me, loosened and unconfined. Whenever a stream of wind proceeded past us, it danced and swayed off in the direction of the potent wind itself. In the face of my eyes hovered Alex, majestic-heighted and very nice-looking. I was the one who was a bit taller than him and with me slightly bended and inclined downwards this way, he undoubtedly became a little bit taller than I was.


Staring down, he exhaled in satisfaction and then glanced up at me to disclose, “I wish you all things fortunate and sound in your journey. Journey back home safely and soundly.”


I grinned uninterestingly slow and mouthed out, “Thank you so much, Alex.”


He grinned back heart-feltly. “You are welcome, Sophia.”


Caressing gently and heedfully my hand, he grinned politely once more and then went away, his step and walk so manly and bolt like that of a male model who had practiced and worked hard to be able to perform itskilledly and versedly. The way he walked took my breath away and left me all eyes and gawking.


In my car, I drove quietly and at ease. My eyes were on the wide road ahead of me and my mind on Alex whom I had left behind. He was such a pliant and self -possessed man, wasn’t he? Oh yes, he was! And so much more of all those things good and lovely. He was the kind of



a man I earnestly wanted to spend the rest of my life with. A calm and composed and collected and freely untroubled man who could definitely and reasonably take the best care of a woman that he loved deep in his heart. I hoped that woman would be I myself. Sophia Solochi Ramirez. Wasn’t that such a cute and lovely name?


I squirmed in my seat at these uninterrupted and delightful thoughts of mine. I began to feel god- like and beatific—the exact emotions that a woman falling in love meets and undergoes. I was starting to fall in love with Alex. And I did not give a damn about what lay ahead of me.


Not at all.


When I arrived home at sundown—yes, I had broke up ways with Alex moderately delayed in the afternoon at around two or three or somewhere close to those hours—I found the place still and hushed with Kris curled up in an enormous brown sofa while reading a particular book that had the cover of a half-undressed man who was holding on to an exquisite and guiltless looking young woman. By all probability and hint and tastes, it seemed to be a romance novel. Or something of that sort. Say a paranormal romance.


Upon my arrival into our small aperture room, she looked up at me jadedly as I shut the door behind me and remarked, “You are a bit late than I was expecting you to be here. In any case, how was things with Alice? It seems like you have become sincere and authentic friends. Did you go to some place, to eat and have fun and revel in any girlish stuff?”


I smiled guilelessly. “Yes, we did go out and had some fun. We sure did.”


Kris’ curiosity seemed aroused. “For keeps?”


“Yeah, for keeps, mom.”


“I hope you were not drawn in to some irreproachable and nice-looking boy in the process, or were you?”


“Not at all; not at all, mom. I give my word: I will not disappoint or turn you down this time. I surely will not.”


“That’s good to hear. I hope it comes from the very bottom and seat of your heart.”


I smiled ingenuously once more. “It does, mother.”


“Good to learn that.”


As I paced my way toward the case of wooden stairs, I yelled back to her, “What is eatable for dinner tonight?”


“I dunno exactly. Fried chips with sauce and chili and mayonnaise on them maybe. With the supplement of fried eggs and sausage and juice if necessary.”


It was veritably delicious and oh so much luscious. Dinner—that was. In spite of owning and gracing and embellishing such an enormous table, we always ate the two of us. Kris and I myself. Before my favorite cat, Lilia, went astray or missing, we were the three of us in our family. Lilia’s is a long story. A surely long one indeed. I will not describe it here or else I am



going to break down and end up weeping and crying without any existing cure or means of relief—or even remedy if you like.


As I relaxed in my bed that night, my mind wandered back to those glorious moments that I had spent with Alex Ramirez. His appearance, his excellent smile, his spotless-looking olive skin, his pleasing hair, his insane-like-charming eyes, especially during when they were lit up with that blooming glow and brilliance that lighted them up whenever he smiled. Everything about him was to the hilt fascinating and enchanting. Oh yes, it definitely was!


With Alex in my mind, I slept like a newly born baby, pathetically pitiable and feeling unaffected by anything and enveloped in a protective sheet of whole and guarding love. When I broke my eyes open, morning had curtly dawned with the birds chirping and caroling and twittering outside. My custom was as usual. Eat and then wash and finally doll myself up for school. I was not going there to learn. Classes for first year students had not yet began and neither had the results of our interviews come out yet. Meaning that I did not know whether I had been accepted for attendance at the institution or not.


I strolled the library and designing division of the institute like mad. My objective? To find out if there were ample and sufficient Fashion and Design textbooks and property supplies and any other applicable and suitable stuff. There was to my excessive delight and joy. I almost screamed and threw myself down to the floor in madness and paroxysm. That morning was one of the happiest days in my entire life! Yes, I had had my very own fair share of unhappy and broken-hearted days and as such did I not deserve to be entitled, even for a split second, to one fortunate and blessed and happy and prosperous day? In my perspective I sure was qualified for that.


They had a library specifically for those who were studying Fashion and Design here at the institute. A massive and elaborate and well-ornamented library, and not a subdivision or subsection within one large library. They also had a practical hall where there were all sorts of equipment and machinery used in the manufacture and designation of clothes. Sewing machines, knitting machines, designation tools and gadgets. The list and market, sorry, it should be treasure, was this endless and infinite. Everything was there. Not precisely every little bit of thing. For the foremost part, almost everything required was available.


This was how I had dressed up: Blue cotton pants, a blue blouse, white mid-heels, and a gray farther-reaching jacket. I was this immaculate and stainless, but by no means heavily bedecked and ornamented. No, I was not.


While grabbing away from the shelf one F&D textbook, a manful voice, still and low, addressed me from behind. “Morning, sweet angel.”


I turned around as quickly as I could. My eyes stretched wide in endearment and shock, my mouth dropping low, my forehead puckering and creasing up. I was just plain damn shocked and entranced at the same time. Whoowy! Alex was just plain damn…gorgeous and magnetic!


Blue jeans matching my blue cotton pants, and a nice blue- colored denim jacket that to some little extent uncovered the black shirt that he wore inside. These were the clothes that my Alex was garnished in. Point of correction. Simply Alex. He was not yet mine and I was also not yet his. Maybe in the near or far-off future where we both couldn’t see, that would unquestionably come to happen about.



“Alex,” I muttered, seemingly lost and confound. “Alex Ramirez.”


“Sophia Solochi. How are you doing?”


“Fine. I am doing precisely fine.”


“I can see that you are quite occupied in this library. It is so huge and nice-looking, isn’t it?”


“It definitely is. I feel like not stepping my way out of here for all eternity.”


Alex chuckled at that, unmoving his eyes away from me. “You can be quite humorous, you know.”


“Nah-dah! That was just a slight joke; nothing more and nothing less.”


“Would you mind if we go outside. I mean, I have got something to make known unto you.”


I did not hesitate to reply. “Sure.”


What? Was he going to propose to me? What exactly was it that he wanted to get off his chest?




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