The Bride Who Murdered Her Groom: A Stories Collection

Beautiful and sharp-witted, Sophia Solochi—blamelessly eighteen—understands that she must not ever fall in love. If she does, any peculiar man she has adored will not live what will befall him. In unquestionable words, he will die. Fast. Surely. And frightfully. Why would he perish, you may marvel? Sophia, also true with her female descent, is cursed. Any lad whom she falls for is destined to yield up his ghost in her very own arms and care. When she moves with her mother to Brownton to begin a fresh and unimpaired life, far away from their ancient calamities and sorrows, the worst things imaginable happen to them. Sophia cannot resist falling in love with Alex Ramirez, a strikingly handsome but in-a-short-time to-be Engineering postgraduate at Brownton University. Here, whilst pursuing a Fashion and Designing degree, she furtively repeats the self-same pursuit and engagement that effected insufferable agony and bitterness in her bygone days. Falling in love is extremely perilous, she


17. Alex Yet Again

Ditched. Left behind and stranded and forsaken and left high and dry in the lurch.


That is the most glum and hackneyed story I have ever heard of. Yes. It even makes me get so sick in the heart. That, I can guarantee you. I wondered. What if Alvin ever leaves me in the stew and poach and bubble of my own juice? Would he walk out on me and pack me in like I was hardly of any wee importance to him one day? Would he do that?


I glowered to myself. Life could be quite out of order and unreasonable at times, couldn’t it? Of course, it unequivocally and beyond question could. That was just how it was. Hellish and heartless as much as it was pleasurable and lekker. And I couldn’t restyle it either. No. I could not.


While squandering my time in the store, loafing and lolling about, I came to a decision, on the spur-of-the-moment strength of mind it was—to march my way about and see whatever it was that I could revel clapping my eyes on in the large and spacious store itself.


I stumbled into him unexpectedly. He was a stout, brawny, Brodingnagian and pitch-black haired gentleman, one who had his hair tined and spiked up artistically, almost like a prickle and bristle of serrated, knife-like, gorgeous thorns. I looked at an olive-skinned him. My God. He was the most alluring and fine-looking creature that I have ever laid eyes on. It was him without doubt, Alex Ramirez. What?


“Sophia,” he spoke under his breath at first, buoying up his eyes at me in consummate surprise. He was still as nice-looking and dishy-seeming as ever. The most well-proportioned man I had ever seen. Every thew, muscle and tendon on him, every piece and bulk and chunk of him. It was just on the perfect and impeccable spot. Oh yes. It hell lot surefire was!


I made a face right away, fancying and yearning that I had not blundered about him in the first place. Once I had reeled and knocked against him, I had blundered my way back away from him, virtually and practically close to tripping and toppling down.


I took a deep breath, towing and wresting myself away from him after doing so. Still, his eyes accompanied and followed my quick, velvety-like movements. Damn him. Why did I have to fall in love with him in the first place? Why exactly?


“Sophia,” he murmured to me, lowly and in a docile voice. Honestly speaking, I wished him nothing but that he would vanish off from the face of this earth. I wouldn’t bother and be interested if he went as far-off away from me as he possibly ever could. No, I would not give a damn about it. As much as that would be excessively aching and racking and excruciating on my part, someday, someway, I would for sure recover from those sweltering wounds that his absence would mete out in my life. Yes, I definitely would.


What was going to come off now? What precisely? I needed to be conscious about it. I was despairing to become familiar with it. I definitely and unequivocally was.


“Sophia, are you okay?” He asked me at long last, his voice cool as a cucumber, his tone impassive and not any much unemotional. Which I took for a badge and cipher that he was a palpable and actual gentleman. He hell guaranteed was.


“You can tell that just by looking at me, Alex, cannot you?”I questioned back in that atrocious and implacable way. Not that I purposed and already had that in my mind. I didn’t. But he gave me no alternative or did he? At any rate, to be truthful and revealing with you, I could not just come to bring myself under inconsistent and steady restraint.


“You are being this churlish and discourteous with me because you cannot get yourself to bear no malice towards me, can you? I beg you. Turn a blind eye to what I did to you previously. Bury that damn hatchet, Sophia, so we can be free and happy again.


“You are not even ashamed of what you did, are you?” My mad pitch of voice had that cringe-making and toe-curling feel to it. It definitely had, for sure.


My God…was I not being too impolite and nasty with him? No, you are not, Sophia, go on with this—my inner conscious undertoned to me gently.


“Sophia, I said I am sorry.” Alex looked teary and glassy eyed as he declared this. I didn’t believe that he meant what he was saying. I had no confidence in him or his saying. I couldn’t get myself to pin my faith on him, much less take his byword and aphorism as the times and indestructible gospel. No, I couldn’t do that. Why? I had no slight clue—no tipoff and no hint of anything.


I was about to pull out of his presence, escaping my way from him in other words, when he straight away and like a shot seized and grabbed me to himself. I endeavored to break free from his solid grasp. He latched on to me like a lion that has pranced and sprung on its prey, now frozen and transfixed and unmoving.


“Let go off me, Alex,” I demanded in a soft, pliable, easy-going voice. He seized me so rocklike and rigid I could begin to feel some pain come to existence within me.


“I won’t, Sophia. Until you say something to me. Until you forgive me, that is.” His eyes were imploring and entrancing me to do that. Asides from brimming up with tears, they were tender and mild and dove-like looking. My goodness! That was not going to melt and dissolve and soften and unfreeze my heart—or was it? I petitioned it would not pull off that. Please. I beg-oh! This was no time to be spongy and yielding with him after that awful occurrence, or was it?


“Look, Alex, I am not going to pardon you for what you did, you hear that? I am serious about it. I am not going to turn a blind eye to what you did so easily.” I was staid and long-faced and unsmiling about it. I hoped that my face was reliable and high-minded enough to manifest it. I hoped so.


“Sophia, I am not disagreeing with you that I was being unfaithful and two-timing and unchaste with you. I surely was but not anymore. From now on, I am going to be upright and truthful and honest with you as ever possible and achievable within my power and might. I cross my heart about it. I frankly do.”


“You were not being honest and virtuous and high-minded with you yourself. That is what you did. And no, it still is what you are. So please don’t fritter away your time by being feigning and make-believe with me because I know what it really is that you are, you cheat. I don’t want to believe anything that you say. Not a word or anything vile that has to come out of your unclean mouth. You het that?”


It took him a protracted and deferred long while to answer. He stood there, destitute and deserted-like, gawping at me dumbfoundedly and in such a boorish manner that I could only find to be vexing and bothering and displeasing in my outlook and perspective. Couldn’t he quit it now already? What did doing this get him to? Huh, to what furthermost and farthest-away heights exactly?


“You have clearly heard me, Alex, have you not?” I enquired in a clownish and lubberly-like voice, one that I had totally failed to bring under check in any way conceivable. Damn him. Why did he have to molest and vex me this august way? Damn him and everything that he was. Damn him again.


Still, there was that fixity and immovability to him that I could not easily and clearly resolve. It aggravated and racked me at the same time, making me glower and roll about my eyes in impetuosity and fury. Damn him I say.


“If you are not going to leave me, Alex, in peace and quietness, I will be the one to do just that. I can guarantee you on that one. Get away from my presence already, will you?”

He didn’t answer immediately. But he did reply and respond to me in the ultimate end. “Fine, Sophia. I will leave you just like you want me to. As a matter of fact, I am going to take my leave right now. Stay safe and guarded wherever it is that you will be biding your time.”


Of course! He made a try to touch and stroke and caress me. I shrank away from him at that note, tensing and flexing up all of a sudden. Thank goodness. That was as much as was necessary to chase him and send him packing away from me. It sure was. Men…what thorny and tricky and complex and intricate and painful-to-pact-with creatures they are. Of course they are, aren’t you of the alike mind?


I breathed out real slow and hard after he was gone. Damn it! How had it come to happen that I stumble my way and collide off against him? I hated myself for that coming to occur to me. I hated everything. Of course! We were done with each other now. There was no more us…no more us…no more us anymore. I could strangle and choke myself for everything happening now. Sincerely speaking, I sure could carry that out.


By the time that Eman returned, he found me blazing as hot as a chunk or cut of coal. I was immensely and furiously angry and shit maddened. Pity for me, wasn’t it? Of course, you crank. Me, Sophia, that is—no, not you the one that is reading this! What a formidable and terrific pity this certainly was for me.


“Are you okay, Sophia?” He asked once he had laid eyes on me. Double crap. Did I look any buoyant and cheery and all-smiley? Obviously not! This must have been a sure assurance on his part that things weren’t any well and fine with me. Was he dummy and dimwit enough to not read and not comprehend that? Of course, he wasn’t!


“Eman, I just want us to go home right now. Take me home, will you please?” I implored and pleaded him in that manner that I hoped would arise and stir up his sympathy. Would I succeed? Or would I not? It all depended…


It worked to my shocker and high anticipation at the same time! Hu-la-boo-lah! Or hurray rather! Without any further word or question or remark, he escorted me my way out to the car and steered it away from the supermarket as speedily and hastily as he could. I sighed out. In relief that is. At least I had been relieved and ridded of Alex’s tortuous and awe-inspiring presence. At least I didn’t have to snatch another dekko at him. Not for now. Thank goodness about it!


The car streaked and accelerated on the road, jetting-like, if not incredibly and stormily faster. We stirred our way in the borderless forest, whirling about and turning sharply whenever we reached a carving and crooking of the road itself.


It was a bitter surprise. An acid and sore one rather. I hadn’t expected or even slighted to see it. And I did anyway. There Chantal had arrayed and beautified everything, embellishing and garnishing and ornamenting it beautifully to the very come and furthermost limit. It was not the entire house though; it was selected and diverse parts of it. It made me wonder if she had accomplished all this on her own or with the aid and assistance of someone else. Say who? I had no idea—no suspicion, no hint.


“What is going on here, Chantal?” I asked her while staring about warily and circumspectly and readily. My God! She had the ideal knack and endowment, didn’t she? Of course, she hell sure had it all and everything else beyond these. “Is there a party or what precisely? Say one for Alvin or maybe you?”


“A party for Alvin or I myself? You have gotten it al wrong. There is no party for I myself or my son either.” Of course, as she conferred and blubbered up about this, Eman was nowhere near to be seen or glimpsed. If he was there within sniffing distance away from us, I had no doubt that Chantal would have been bold and daring enough to disclose that to me, or would she? Anyway, I already knew about it. So she would not unseal and unveil it to me. She would have simply announced and communicated it to me.


“What is this all about?” I retorted to her a bit loud. Don’t get me wrong. It was not like I was being barbarous and unrelenting. I was bounteous and friendly though.


“You and my son are going to have some special and appropriate dinner right here; just the two of you. I want it to be as splendid and kingly and remarkable as ever. If you haven’t fallen for him yet, then you definitely will tonight after this.”


My, my! I had not looked forward to that to be straightforward with you. I stared at Chantal. The zeal and vivacity gripping and possessing her was so high-mottled and highly-strung. Simply put, she was vivacious-looking and bold and ardent and frisky. It reminded me of how much optimistic and expectant and favorable and serviceable she was to me falling in love with her son. She definitely wanted that to see the light of the day, us tying up the knot even.


“Oh. Alvin and I are having an exceptional dinner tonight? How noteworthy indeed!” How could I not foresee that and be suspicious at a good and ere and seasonably time? Duh! How could I not foretell it all this long and while? How could I not?


“Don’t you like this?”


“I do cherish it, Chantal. I appreciate all your kindly and sincere and heartfelt efforts to bring me and Alvin closer to each other. But he said he would take me out on a dinner date some other time, didn’t he?”


“I am aware of that, Sophia. I wanted this to be a good packaged surprise for the two of you. What do you think? Do you find it delightful and enrapturing? Do you? If you don’t, you better let me know. Maybe Alvin won’t find it rapturous and delectable too.”


“No, Chantal, don’t stress and get so anxious over it. It certainly is agreeable and captivating.”


“You think so?”


“I sure do.”


She smiled leniently and gently at me. God! She was just so damn beautiful and luscious to look at. I felt my stomach snarl and croak and gnarl gruffly from butterflies of envy. It wasn’t envy particularly at any rate. It was absolute admiration and overwhelming awe and inclination. No, not in that lesbian-ic and queer-like way. I now began to understand how she could possibly give birth to such an amazingly adorable and lovely son. Of course! He was her real and veritable son and not some untrue and make-believe one. No. He was no in any way thinkable.  


“Tell me,” I enquired. “What is your son’s greatest secret?”


“Why do you want to know that, Sophia?”


“I just want to be acquainted and familiarized with him. It is all want and nothing else. Once I know what makes him clink and clank and what doesn’t, I will be sure and certain to please and gratify and thrill him what’s more. It is all I ever want to do; all and nothing else.”


She first breathed out, sighing and inhaling deeply. And then she made known the following to me. “Alvin. He is just a normal, typical guy. You want to know his weakness, don’t you? That is the most part which comprises his unrevealed and unknowns. Anyway, I have stayed long enough with him to know and understand him to the very full—”


I butted in, “Aren’t any of his strengths inclusive and taken in into any of his unknowns?”


“You are right, but not so right. Men are the weakest creatures around, did you know?”


“I didn’t. It is my first time ever hearing that.”


“It may seem odd and weird and bizarre and unusual. But that is the whole and complete truth. When it comes to morality and conduct and behavior, men can be the most fragile and vulnerable and erring-minded and unsatisfactory. That is Alvin’s worst ever secret.”


“I don’t understand. How does it pertain and relate to him when you have described it in such a way and manner that correlates and connects to all men. Be in-complex and straightforward, will you, I beg you?”


“Fine, I will put it this way for you to understand and grasp easily. Do you know that Alvin has a terrifying, sinister, and boding ill side and being to him?” To be frank and candid with you, that was beginning to make me feel frightened and unsafe. It was like all the things that I had believed about him were wrong and instead he was this ominous and on-the-left-hand and injurious and baneful. Would he ever injure and hurt me? He would one specific and imminent day without doubt. He surely…would. I shuddered at calling to mind that awful day when he had behaved insanely and scandalously just after I had run off to look for Alex at Brownton…I frowned immediately. I wasn’t supposed to ruminate and reflect on that name. I wasn’t supposed to.


My heartbeat began rushing and surging and hurtling up. Dooh, dooh! Doo-doo! Doo-doo! I was starting to become so out of ease and perturbed and fidgety. What if Alvin was a monster and horrendous fiend of a man? What would I do then? What exactly?


“Chantal,” I disrupted her, “do you mean to say that Alvin is not the good and fine quality man that I even now know him to be. Is that what you are seeking to unveil to me?”


She gasped out. “Not exactly. The secret of Alvin lies in his appalling savageness and uncompassionate life-form and dreadful cruelty. My son is this very jealous and possessive and barbarous. Deep inside that is. It is a part of him that he has concealed so well and not showed out to the world out there, including you yourself, Sophia. Alvin is not a saint like you think him to be. He is unfeeling, unrelenting and bitterly cold when he falls in love. The more he has fallen in love, the more terrible and awful and despicable he is in all these things.


“Not that I oppose that he does deeply and truly love you. He is so in love with you. But you shall see him change in time. I don’t know it was that exactly happened to him. It must have started all as he grew up, when I was unheard of and not there in his life. When he is falling in love with a particular woman, he is this cheery and always happy and blissful and high up there on the moon. But after some time, he will start to become aloof and distant and bitter and unfeeling. That is when you need to draw much closer to him and show him how much you really love and care for him; that is the time when you must do your very best to help him get through his ordeal and difficulties and hardships.”


“Does that always happen with each and every woman who is enamored by him and he in turn pursues her till he has thrown himself down at her feet and seized and latched her on to himself?”


“Yes. That is what unfailingly happens each time that there is a particular woman to swoon and woe him. And I am convinced and positive that it will also happen to you.”


“Don’t you find that being creepy and toe-curling of your son?”


“That is why I am giving you this fair enough warning beforehand. The Alvin that is to come before you is not the alike Alvin that you presently know and adore. Whatever happens, if you stick and clutch on to him long enough, you will both eventually and freely get through. I can warrant you that.”


He would turn up here in no time. Which is why Chantal and I set about to preparing and doing myself up for his arrival. Garnishing me up in other words and tremendously and heavily working on my beauty. Comeliness time, it beyond doubt was! Don’t you have the same opinion as that of mine? Do not you?


This life and its lengthened troubles and pains and short-lived fantasies and pleasures. 


It was verily long to the scope that it had part and fraction of it sweeping and mopping the floor beneath me; in addition to that, it was silvery in color, with innumerable and a myriad wee-sized diamonds glinting and scintillating and sparkling on it. Its collarette and neckband was the most resplendent and dazzling. Behind me and on either side of me, it wasn’t that heavily and cumbersome extensive and protracted. It stripped to bare view a decent and agreeable fraction of my legs themselves. This was the dress that Chantal herself had me garb and attire myself in. Such a cutely and nice-looking dress it was! The heels were adapted and accordant and applicable to match it. Drawn-out and elevated, with an attenuated and haggard behind to jab and stab the floor sharply and piercingly. I loved the sweetly pair together with the flourishing dress.


“This is such a nice dress and the pair of heels are accordant and exquisite too,” I told Chantal as she was disposing and placing and garnishing and embellishing my hair this way and that other, all according to how she saw it befitting and appropriate and suitable. She did it so well, like this was all a skill and art that she acquired ever since she was so little and a juvenile too.


My stomach groaned and growled and grumbled from overawe and abashment. What else could I express and assume? What more?


“You are right,” she eventually said at last. “The dress is stately and superb and quite far distinguished than most dresses presently on the market.”


“You are speaking in riddles, aren’t you?”


“This is no riddle, Sophia. What I mean to say is that the dress is quite far most expensive than the bulk share of dressed on the market out there. It was Alvin himself who bought it. And not in this country of ours.”


“Where exactly did he buy it?” It must have been for a prior girlfriend of his. Boy, did he snatch it away from her after they had broken up? A potential explanation at to why I was wearing it tonight?


“The dress was acquired in The Netherlands—or simply Holland. Right in its very heart and capital, which is Amsterdam. Rumor is it that it was secured for three hundred thousand dollars.”


$300, 000.00! I was putting on a dress priced that high? Whoa! That was the most pricey thing I had ever come to put on over an unclad and stark naked me.


Chantal continued on, “That bra and those panties you are wearing cost I think ten thousand dollars and those heels are priced somewhat between six and seven thousand additional more bucks. Don’t count up that in the figure and worth of that dress alone. The valuations and rates are all disassociated and detached.”


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