Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


1. -

  I stood silently in the snow. I wasn’t facing the man lying in the snow behind me. I wasn’t watching the snow slowly sucking at the blood like a human drinking water. The wind was blowing south. It always blew south. My white cloak hugged me closely as a child clings to its mother. The moon’s light was the only thing that could show the redness of the snow.

  “You asked why?” I said already knowing he couldn’t hear me. “Why it was you. You cast people into this cold while you eat their lives. You deserve pain and death. That is why I kill.” It started snowing and I walked silently down the mountain. “You asked me who I am. I am no one important.” I added to the wind.


  “Guess what?” Said an over excited Molly. She wore her winter garbs which were fuzzy ear muffs, sheepskin long sleeve shirt with wolf fur, long heavy skirt to keep in the warmth, and big brown boots. Her hair was in a brown bun and her hazel eyes looked at the woods excitedly.

  “What’s that?” I asked cheerfully, I was wearing the same outfit except without the ear muffs.  I carried my bucket to the river we were at. She dropped her bucket next to mine.

  “The Assassin in White strikes again” She said happily. “Another taken down for the revolution!” Molly clapped her hands. I laughed at her excitement. It’s been a year since the villagers had enough of the Queen eating their food and leaving them to starve. They rose up and were aided by the White Assassin. She started killing nobles and knights. I started to kill but Molly didn’t know. She didn’t even know she was talking to the White Assassin. Our winter kingdom was in a state of revolt and I was helping. Slowly, the revolution will put a new man on the throne.

  “At least he’s helping us and not the Queen.” I said and knelt by the bank. Taking an ice pick I started hitting the ice. Our chore today was to get some ice water. The cleanest type of water around. This was hopefully our last trip bringing clean water home.

  “I wish I knew who he was!” Molly, my best friend, whined. I laughed at her.

  “Well if he’s benefiting us, that’s all that matters.” I said and the ice broke away and I picked up my bucket.

  “I wish I could help.”

  “Help with what?” I asked and filled the bucket.

  “The revolution!”

  “That’s men’s work.” I answered and she looked at me.

  “My mother is helping too.”

  “You two need to be a little quieter about the revolution. You know what happens if guards hear.” Another voice said and I swapped buckets and Molly gasped.

  “Shouldn’t you be studying?” I asked without looking up. I knew who it was. My friend, Ronald, the son of the leader of the revolution. The one they were going to put on the throne. I looked up to see him glaring at me. I smiled and Molly giggled. Ronald had black hair that he liked to keep long and his green eyes never lied.

  “I’m taking a break.” He answered, “Hanging out with my favorite friends.” He picked up the bucket.

  “Make sure you don’t spill it, klutz.” I said and Molly giggled again. “What are you giggling at?” I asked looking at her. She showed her closed lips and giggled again. Shaking my head, I picked up the other bucket.

  “I’ll lead!” Molly said excitedly. We both shook our heads but followed. I’ve known my friends forever. The hardest thing is going to be lying to them and it was hard because they always see through my lies. We made it back to the village without spilling a drop. If you were a traveler just going through you wouldn’t think we were in a revolution. That’s because of the law passed that if anyone speaks about it, mostly around guards, you would be whipped and then chained into the dungeons. We went into my parent’s inn. Dropping the buckets off in the kitchen, they waved at me and walked into the lounge area. I grabbed my apron and put it on. I took off my mittens and hung them by the door. I took off my boots and put on my flats. After securing my hair in a ponytail, I washed my hands. Smiling, my father walked in.

  “Sapphire you’re just the person I need!” He said excitedly. My father was a tall and big built man. He had brown straggly hair and blue eyes. He wore a cook outfit and was carrying dirty plates. Placing them in the sink he walked over to the stove which was cooking various meals.

  “I’m glad to be need” I said and grabbed a tray.

  “Table three, five, eight, and nine need refills. Come back because this is table seven.” He ordered.

  “Aye, Aye Captain.” I said and filled a jug with beer and hot cider. My father always wanted to be a captain of a boat but he couldn’t leave his home in the mountains. I walked out holding the tray above my head. The roar of the lounge met my ears and I smiled. I loved my job as a waitress. You met so many new people and learned the habits of others. I walked over to table three. They were all drinking friends of my father’s. I smiled and they greeted me warmly like I was their daughter. After filling their mugs I headed to table five which was the elders of the town wanting cider refills. They always sat at table five. After filling them, I went over to table eight which turned out to be Molly’s family. I greeted them warmly and filled her little brother’s mug with cider, it was nonalcoholic, and headed to table nine. Ronald was sitting with his family. I smiled and filled their cups, boys were allowed to drink at sixteen and eighteen for girls, then headed back toward father. I mental made a check of who wanted refills. Filling the jugs back up, I also grabbed table seven’s food. Walking into a dark corner I looked around. No one knew I was a killer. No will know that I kill. After making a few rounds of filling everyone’s mugs I headed over to table eight.

  “Sapphire, you could beat your mother waiting tables.” Molly’s mother said whipping Molly’s brother’s face.

  “No one could beat her in grace.” I replied feeling embarrassed.

  “I don’t know,” Molly butted in, “That performance could give her a run for her money.” I felt warmth flood into my cheeks.

  “Guys, quit it I don’t need the compliments.” I said especially with my occupation.

  “Hey Sapphire!” A voice across the inn called, “Refill please!” I smiled and waved at table nine.

  “Got it!” Several other tables piped up. Smiling I went and refilled all the mugs finishing with table nine.

  “So, Sapphire, you’re the girl to go to get gossip right?” Ronald’s father asked. I shook my head.

  “That’s my mother. She’s somehow gets the good stuff. I’m not a very good eavesdropper.” I said smiling. I’m a better killer, I thought making me shiver.

  “So have you thought about what’s next week?” Ronald’s father asked and Ronald blushed.

  “What’s…” My sentence got cut off by someone coming in. The man left the door opened almost killing the fire. I had to run over and shut it. It was a knight. Sir Farsmart. Sir Farsmart was a heavily scarred man with a face that was attacked by a snow bear. He had very fair hair and a raggy beard and mustache. He wore the royal knight uniform. Everyone was silent. He walked in and sat in the empty table. Table one. I hurried to the back and got a mug of beer. I brought it out and set it on his table. He had unhooked his sword and placed it on the table. He placed his feet on the table and grabbed the beer. He looked at me.

  “What do you want?” He growled.

  “Would you like anything?” I asked quietly remembering I used to be a shy girl. After my first assassination I found courage.

  “A steak, medium rare.” He spat. I nodded and walked toward the kitchen. Everyone started to whisper instead of actually talking. I went into the back and already saw my father cooking the meal.

  “No one spats at my daughter.” He grumbled and put the food on the plate. I took it and walked out.

  “Hurry up, I ain’t got all day.” He snapped and I placed it at his feet. He placed his feet on the floor, shoved the mug toward me, and began eating. I poured his drink and knew who the Assassin in White’s next target was. Giving him his drink I walked over to table nine.

  “Dad let me just punch him… Sapphire!” Ronald said pushing back his black hair. I smiled. Ronald’s father put a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and headed to the kitchen. When I entered I saw my father telling my mother who was out there. She looked furious. My mother was a tall skinny woman but when she was angry it looked like a whole new person. Her brown hair was in a braid and her blue eyes looked at me. I smiled but she looked away. She grabbed an apron and jugs and walked out.

  “You shouldn’t have told her.” I said flinching knowing I would have never said that.

  “Why not?” He asked

  “We don’t know what she’s going to do.” I answered and took my apron off. I walked out to see  my mother shooting fugitive looks toward Sir Farsmart. I headed over to Molly. She was looking at my mother too. Soon Sir Farsmart was finished with his meal and drink. He stood up and strapped his sword back on to his belt.

  “How skilled do you think he is with that?” I asked.

  “I heard he was the worse.” Molly whispered back. He left without paying. My mother looked as though she could kill him. The roar of the inn started again. I looked down. She didn’t have to kill him. Her hands will not be stained with any blood. Mine were already filthy.

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