Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


13. -

  I opened my eyes slowly. I was in some kid of room. It looked so familiar. Moving my head to the right I saw a window showing a sunrise. Sunrise? Where was I? Propping myself up on my elbows I gasped with pain. I looked at my left shoulder to see it completely bandage with some red spot. My left arm was in a sling too. Sitting up more I saw my whole chest was bandaged. What happened? I placed my hand on my forehead to feel another bandage. Looking at my hands I could see my palms wrapped with a white cloth but a red horizontal line across the bandage. My hands shook as I remembered. The Queen was dead and she could perform some sort of magic. I sat on the edge of the bed. Something caught my eye and I looked to the side. It was a mirror. The image showed a girl with a bandaged chest and a cut on the forehead. The girl’s black hair hung limply behind her and her pale skin was moist. I looked away. The thing that scared me the most was her eyes. Hard cold ice blue eyes. I closed my eyes and sighed. I could hear something roaring beneath my feet. I was in the inn. I was in my room. Standing up I wore my white pants. They had red spots on them. Horrified I stumbled over to a bag. It was the bag I was going to leave with. I grabbed a light skirt and put it on throwing the pants to the corner of my room. I threw a light shirt on top of me and I didn’t bother putting my left arm through the shirt. I was already out of energy. I breathed heavily and closed my eyes. The door squeaked opened and someone yelled in surprised. I didn’t open my eyes and felt some one’s footsteps thudding toward me. The person carefully picked me up and placed me back on the bed. I groaned and something was placed on my forehead. I opened my eyes to see my mother. She gasped and put her hands to her mouth. Tears leaked from her eyes. A person appeared behind her. Ignoring the protests I sat up again. My father stood there with his arms crossed.

  “Hand me that cloak.” I croaked pointing at the brown cloak sitting next to the bag. My mother rushed over and put it around my shoulders.

  “Everything you own is packed, why?” My father demanded. I got up and my mother put out her hands as if to catch me. I stood up straight and looked into my father’s eyes.

  “Has anyone by the name of Fredrick Seranda checked in?” I asked instead.

  “Answer my question first.” He said looking coldly at me. I could tell he was angry but for what I didn’t know.

  “I will after you answer mine.” I said and added, “How long has it been? You guys should be at the party downstairs.” I could hear someone run up the stairs. I looked toward the door to see Molly. She froze and her jaw hung opened. I placed some boots on. Grumbling I grabbed my bag and headed toward Molly. She stared at me like she didn’t know me but pressed her back to the wall when I passed. I wished I didn’t get hurt. I would have avoided this whole situation. I walked down the stairs the noise increasing. My right hand squeezed the handle of my bag. I entered the lounge. However Ronald and a few others saw me and stood up. That made the others stop and turn to face me. They all looked at me like they didn’t know me. This isn’t what I wanted. None of this was what I wanted. My bag fell from my grip and I could hear three people coming up behind me. Someone started clapping. The others joined and soon the whole lounge was filled with applause. Ronald stepped in front of me but his smile faded.

  “Sapphire where are you going?” he asked and the applause faded. Al’s father hurried over to me.

  “Look, I have your weapons they’re all clean and sharp.” He said nervously handing me a cloth. I opened the cloth to see the shining metal of my weapons piled on top of each other. I picked up the cloth and placed it in my bag at my feet. I picked the bag up. Ronald put a hand on my uninjured shoulder.

  “Sapphire what are you doing?” he asked.

  “Leaving” I shrugged off his hand and headed toward the inn door.

  “When will you be back?” Ronald shouted at me. I slammed the door behind me. That wasn’t what I wanted.

  “You rather be scolded?” A voice said. The owner of the voice was looking into the window. He looked like Charles except his face was unscarred and tired lines shone out more. I didn’t answer but walked down to the street. He followed.

  “Fredrick Seranda” I said and he stopped next to me.

  “Are you ready for this? You don’t look healed.” He answered crossing his arms.

  “I’m ready” Fredrick looked at me uncertainly. I walked down the sidewalk as people began to come out. They looked at me with uncertain.

  “She’s ready to disappear.” Fredrick said quietly to himself but I heard.

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