Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


12. -

  Her sword cut straight through the ice. Jumping back to avoid her sword I kept sliding. I glanced down to see the floor covered in ice. What was happening? I slammed sword on the ice to stop me from hitting the wall. She destroyed my momentum. How could she ice over the floor? I wrenched my sword out of the ice. It had started crawling up my sword. I looked at my feet to see ice creeping up my leg. I jumped breaking the ice and missing her oncoming icicle spear. Other things? What was she talking about? I pondered but kept moving out of the way of her spears made of ice. The cold was stinging my wounds and I was growing tired and quickly. The whole room was being covered in ice. The only explanation I could think of was magic. I blocked the oncoming spear by hitting the ice. I looked at her. She was smiling.

  “How…?” I gasped and rolled to avoid the next spear.

  “Magic” She said simply. She pointed her finger at me and a fireball was hurtled my way. How was I supposed to kill her? Like any other person. I moved and the ice where I was melted into water. I got to my feet and stepped into the water. At least I would have some sort of traction. “Would you like to play with water first?” She asked and the water wrapped around me like a rope. All the ice melted and melted ice headed toward me. I took a deep breath as the water fell and engulfed me. I closed my eyes and the water disappeared sending me to the floor. I landed on my side and my sword plunged into the floor inches away from me. I coughed and struggled to get up. The Queen was laughing. I grabbed my sword and pointed it at her. I will not lose this fight. The floor underneath my feet shot upward. I struggled to keep my balance but failed falling forward where she stood looking at me. I pointed my sword at her as I fell and something slammed against me making me drop the sword. I landed on my feet and looked at a part of the wall that stuck out like a fist. My knife dropped to my hand. She’ll just knock it away, I thought. She stood perfectly unharmed. She even turned her back to me. I was shaking badly. It was like an ant versing a human. I could maybe scratch her but I would end up dead. It depended on the scratch! My only hope was killing her. Everyone’s hope relied on me. I will not let them down; I will not let them die. I ran toward her knowing I might not even touch her. She turned and blew something out of her hand. It erupted into fire and I dodged but not before it caught some of my sleeve. I patted it out but continued to run toward her. Her smile faded and she raised her hands to the sky then pointed them at me. A surge of water flew to me but I dodged again. She stomped and the ground beneath my feet began to move upward. I jumped off of it continuing running. Her eyes widened and she moved her hand and pointed at me. An icicle flew toward me and I dodged it but it sliced at my cheek tearing the mask off with it. I kept running at her with my knife in my hand. She moved her sword and made a wide arc at me. I jumped avoiding the blade but got blasted back by water that had whipped me to the side. Landing on my feet I began running again.

  “Give up already!” She screamed throwing flames at me. I needed a new strategy. Instead of running toward her I ran in a circle until a wall appeared popping out of the ground. I pushed off the wall and another appeared cutting off my run the other way. I heard a wall spring up behind me. She looked at me with wild eyes. “Now you die.” She said calmly and threw an icicle at me. I dodged and began running toward her. She kept throwing things at me and I kept missing them. Finally I stopped two paces away from her. We stood staring at each other. She looked surprised I stopped. I smiled and leaped at her. She stepped back and her sword flew up to block my dagger. With a clang of metal, my blade and hers connected. She gritted her teeth and pushed her sword against my blade. I smiled and dropped to my knees making her over balance and her sword cut the air. I sliced above both knee caps and felt myself fly backwards. With clangs of metal hitting the floor my dagger bounced away and I landed on the same injured side. I shakily stood up and looked toward her. She was moaning in pain but crawling toward her sword. Something fell into my eye. I blinked and wiped my face. Shiny red blood shone on my hand. My hands shook. I shook my head my vision blurring. I had to finish it off. Getting another dagger I walked slowly up to her. She was still trying to crawl to her sword. Just a scratch, I thought. I stomped on her foot and heard several cracks. She screamed in pain and looked at me with wide eyes.  Moving closer to her I held my knife loosely. Tears clung to the side of her eyes. No pity, I thought. Her eyes widen with horror and she slammed her hand on the ground. I had already started to fall to the right side as the earth pierced my left shoulder. I gasped and looked at the stone. She laughed weakly. Blood started to ooze around the wound. Growling I placed both hands on either side of the stone spear. I held my breath and pushed my shoulder back. I screamed with pain as I felt the stone go back through my shoulder and finally out of it. Blood poured through the opened wound. I stumbled backwards. Breathing hard I gained all my last strength and leaped at the Queen plunging my dagger into her heart. I landed with my knife in her heart my foot on her chest and the other on her hand. I stood up and grabbed my shoulder. It roared with more pain. I got up and looked around. The throne room was a mess. Bodies of guards, the dead brother and sister, the random earth shooting out of the sky, and then I noticed the closed throne room doors. Breathing heavy I walked toward them. I could feel my blood oozing between my fingers. The throne room doors opened and twenty or more rebels poured into the room. Ronald came in last. No one moved except me. I was heading to the door. My legs gave and I fell to my knees. I was staring at the ground which was going in and out of focus.

  “NO!” Someone screamed and I felt myself falling forward. I fell into something soft. “Hang in there!” The voice said and I breathed out slowly. 

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