Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


11. -

  Before I could land my blow a shield knocked me backwards. I hit the floor on my feet but slid backwards. I quickly looked up and leaped to the side as a hammer like sword smashed the tile where I was before.  The man rose up to his height which was most easily taller than six feet and looked at me. The guy had flaming hair and eyes. His skin looked like the Queen’s. It was the Queen’s brother who was supposed to be dead. His face was brutally messed up. You couldn’t tell if he was human. He only wore pants showing off his enormous muscles. He had a hammer looking thing with spikes at the end and also a shield that had spikes on it. I glanced at my right arm to see my sleeve ripped but my knives saved me. They were strapped to my arm. The brother also had a sword at his side. He needed two hands to use the hammer and he’ll need one for the sword. I smiled. He swung the hammer again and I leaped to backward. I stepped back and my back hit the wall. The brother smiled and roared as he dragged the hammer behind him and ran toward me. He swung and I hit the floor and used my legs to push off the wall. When I was underneath his arm I sliced upward cutting into his stretched away. He roared and hit me into the floor using the injured arm. I think I heard a couple cracks. At least his arm got pierced by my knife.  He roared in pain and backed up, taking my knife with him. I managed to get to my feet. I was breathing heavier than usual. I ran toward him while he moved his shield to the injured arm. I swung but he managed to block my sword with his shield. I jumped back as he swung his fist toward me. He roared at me and I knew he couldn’t speak. No time to pity, I thought and jumped back again to miss his shield. He swung his fist and I jumped up instead of back. Landing on his hand he tried to swat me with the shield. I jumped and avoided it and landed behind me. Without turning around I stabbed backwards and jumped forward to avoid him swinging around. I landed on my side and slid. He was roaring in pain and anger. I stood up and took two knives out.  He took out his sword which was about as long as his arm. He pointed at me. Taking a deep breath I ran toward him. He swung his sword which I landed on. It was as thick as a beam I run across and sit on. It was an easy landing. He raised his sword to the sky and I started sliding down. The edge was cutting my hands and he held up his shield where I would land. I jumped off the sword and hoped that he wouldn’t notice since his shield covered his head. I landed with a thud and rolled. I wondered why until I saw my cloak hanging off the end of his sword. I swore and he turned and swung the sword. I jumped back barely missing the tip of the blade. Thankfully my hair was still in a bun. I had to get rid of the sword. I ran over to the opposite wall.

  “HEY NUMBSCULL!” I yelled. He roared and charged at me. Five he was getting closer, four the tip was really close, three knife in the left hand since his shield is on the right, I ducked and pushed off the wall as the sword plunged into the wall. While sliding away I held my left hand out and let my knife glide across his skin. I just couldn’t get closer. I stopped sliding far away from him. He roared in pain and tried to pull the sword out. I took my chance and grabbed my sword in his back. I pulled it out and stabbed again. Then I was flying across the room and landed on the floor. My head throbbed but I ignored it. I managed to sit up to see him running with his shield toward me. There was no way I would get a hit unless… I got to my feet and jumped at the last second. His head followed my progress as I turned and kicked his face. I landed on my feet and he fell forward slamming the shield in the ground. I stood on my feet as he did. He looked at me with hatred. I slowed my breathing. The pain I had been ignoring screamed at me when I stood still. My black hair tumbled over my shoulders and I wondered how it got loose. Roaring one last time it ran at me making an ‘X’ with its arms. He wasn’t weighed down now and he was extremely fast but not fast enough. My arms were also crossed with an ‘X’ except I held two daggers in both of my hands. Twisting my bladed I took my arms out of the formation ripping two lines into his arms and fist. His arms flew behind his flinging blood and then I stabbed forward, my left piercing his face and my right wounding his heart. I pulled the daggers out and stepped to the side letting him fall forward. The Queen stood there in shock for a second before clapping. 

  “What a pity. He couldn’t kill a little rat but now I know all your moves, Assassin.” She said and flung her hair over her shoulder and smiled. It was getting all the sudden very cold in the room. I placed the daggers back in my sleeves and yanked my sword out of the things back. “Dear me, looks like I have to join the fray. What a pity.” She said coldly.

  “Get out of here!” I roared.

  “No way! You can’t…” Ronald yelled at me

  “Just do it, Ronald!” I interrupted. I heard footsteps run out of the room. The Queen smiled and made a figure eight with her sword. My palms stung. The Queen circled me.

  “You’re not a very good assassin.”

  “Let the chit-chat stop. Your rein ends with my sword!” I screamed and ran toward her. For a second her eyes widened and then she smiled. With an upward slash of her sword, ice sprouted out of the ground like a spear. I skidded to a stop. What just happened? The Queen laughed.

  “You naïve child. Did you ever stop to think there could be other things in this world?” I could hear my ragged breath but I could see it also. The temperature kept dropping. This was impossible. 

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