Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


10. -

  I watched the sun start to go down. Not a cloud in the sky nor any to be seen anywhere. Al’s father did a great job at making me some nice new daggers. They felt like the old ones but you could tell they were new. It was a shame, I thought, this is the last night I’ll need them. I looked to southeast and waited for the fire to start, or the smoke right now. There it was. It started to fill the sky. People began to scream on cue to and I could see the soldiers running like they were on fire. I chuckled. I checked to see if there was anything on my white garbs. There was nothing but white. I jumped from house to house heading to the castle. Finally I reached the last house next to the gate. I watched as soldiers poured out heading to the fire. After they were gone rebels screamed and ran toward the gate. I looked at the top of the castle. I did not want to climb. I looked as the archers aimed. I smiled. I leaped toward the wall and landed perfectly but also killing two archers while landing. Some of them screamed. They started shooting at me instead of the rebels. How idiotic, I thought. Blocking shooting arrows I knocked them off the wall or killed them. Something brushed against my leg and I turned around. An archer who was shaking badly had grazed my leg. I jumped toward him and slit his throat watching him fall. I took out the archers and the rebels entered the castle. I stepped on the edge and flipped down below.

  “Show off!” Someone yelled and I realized it was Ronald. I smiled and ran toward them. I entered the castle to see sword against sword. I walked quietly through as if the people who lunged at me was snow against a wall. No one hit me and I was only wounding this time. I lead the rebels through the halls and some stayed there and some went on ahead. I grabbed Ronald’s arm and almost laughed.

  “In the throne room. She’s too prideful.” I said and we headed that way.

  “Dad!” Ronald yelled. “Get four others and go to the throne room with us!” He nodded and they followed me to the throne room. I pushed opened the door and strolled in. She was sitting on her throne drumming her fingers. She stood. I was in awe of how ugly she was. She was tall, with blonde hair that touched the floor. Her dress was skin tight and bright silver. There were no sleeves and her chest was giant. There was no wrinkle around her blinding blue eyes or her pale white skin.

  “So, the Assassin has finally shown.” I unsheathed my long sword and in my other hand I got out a knife. The Queen motioned to one of a dozen soldiers there to hand her a sword. It was the Queen’s sword. It matched her perfectly and the blade was longer than her arm. “Kill the rest the Assassin is mine.”

  “You stole my words out of my mouth, peasant.” I said and the rebels ran past me and clashed with the soldiers. “I thought this day would be a lot harder.”

  “Sorry to disappoint you. You are not the Assassin I heard of.” I moved closer.

  “Oh I am and you’ll be dead before you realize it.” I picked up my pace.

  “Or you’ll live to see everyone around you die.” She threatened back not moving. I roared and jumped at her.

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