Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


9. -

  I watched every rebel leader walk into the lounge. Can’t get cold feet now, I thought. What if I’m recognized? Doesn’t matter. The mission matters. I casted all my thoughts away and jumped to the inn. I landed on my feet and let myself flip backwards and land like a cat on my feet. I had to do that more often, I thought. I walked into the lounge and looked around. Ronald had obviously fallen off his stool when I did the backflip. It was hilarious but I only let a smile reach my face. The others had gotten out their swords and Molly dropped the tray of cups. This was a humorous situation. My father winked at me but no one noticed.

  “Well now, here’s who we owe everything too.” A man said. I felt the heat run to my face. I looked at the beams above me. Jumping lightly I caught the beam with one hand easily. Pulling myself up I sat on the beam and let one leg dangle below. Some watched my progress and the others took out maps and papers. “Now the plan. We start by lighting fires in the evening almost empting the castle. The fires will be at the buildings that hold the most value. We will take the items out before sunset and then set the buildings ablaze. We will detain the soldiers there and force them to realize the good. Then some of our troops will go to the castle and storm it. Kill if in danger. Hopefully our Assassin will go from the top of the castle to the bottom. We’ll bring the guards to us while the Assassin finds the Queen. Once there kill her. She is of no use. If the soldiers don’t see her dead throw her out a window or hang her where everyone can see.” I looked down at the table. My father was watching me with amazement. 

  “We could just raise the new rebel flag.” Someone suggested.

  “Or that. That’s the plan. Clean, clear, and simple.” He answered the guy.

  “Where after the flag is hung do we place the wounded?” Another asked.

  “Wounded soldiers will be placed here in this inn. It will become a medical center.” My mother said like she took pride in the statement. I hooked my legs on the beam and leaned backwards so that I was upside down looking at everyone. Some people tilted their heads.

  “Clean and simple I can do that.” I said in a low voice. “We done? I have to sharpen my tools then.” Al’s father smiled.

  “Are your blades dull?” He asked.

  “In a sense” I replied.

  “Let me give you some new ones.” He sounded eager.

  “They can’t be different. If you understand me.” He nodded. I let my arms hang and my four knives fell out. I then sat up and took my long sword out and let it fall to the floor. I plunged my hand into my boat and took out two smaller knives. I then did the same to the other and emptied two more. Then hanging back upside down I took out a dagger and let it also fall to the floor. I almost laughed at their astonished faces. Al’s father picked up all the weapons and placed them on the table. He started examining them. I was being a bit reckless right now but my hood at least hasn’t fallen off.

  “These are the missing weapons from the Amory except the long sword! That’s mine!” He exclaimed and I rolled my eyes. Everyone looked at me. I fell off the beam, landing once again on my feet, and headed to the table. Al’s father was holding the long sword.

  “I like that one.” I said and took it out of his hands and strolled to the kitchen door. “I expect them to be on the roof of this inn before eve falls.” Then I walked out and headed to the stream. I could hear running feet behind me.

  “Wait!” It was Ronald. Well time to go, I thought glancing around. “Wait you left something!” What? I left something. What did I leave, I thought. I turned around and Ronald was holding one of my knives.  “He says this one is fine.” Ronald held it out to me. I took it and looked at it. It was definitely on from the Amory and it looked perfect. I threw it behind me and heard a thud. I turned to see it on in a tree. I thought I was off. Shrugging I pulled it out of the tree. I pushed it into my sleeve and had an idea. I motioned for Ronald to follow me. He obliged. I went across the stream and further until I found trees with knife marks. I turned and held my arms out wide. He looked in amazement. These were the trees I had mutilated for killing. “Who are you?” he asked and looked at me. I crossed my arms. He walked up to me without fear. I was the one who was afraid. I had never ever been this close to him.

  “You now have nothing to fear.” I told him. “You followed an armed assassin into the woods. You demanded to know his name and got into his face. If I wasn’t on your side you would already be dead. That doesn’t matter. You stared at death that can’t in his life, mine, out stare anyone.” He looked shocked and  gentle brought his hands to my mask. I jumped back and placed a hand to my mask. That wasn’t in the idea! Most definitely not in the idea! I bit my lip. We stood there staring at each other. I should go I thought, like now. I turned around. In a second I was on the ground and Ronald was on top of me. "Get off! Who cares who I am? I'm not going to punch you so get off!" I said pushing him off. I turned away and got up brushing the snow off of my cloak.

  “Your…” He started and my hands flew up to my face. When did he rip my mask off? My cold hands touched my warm cheek. 

  "What did you do?" I said making sure I wasn't facing him.

  “Sapphire?” He finished and I looked over my shoulder to see him standing holding the mask loosely in his right hand. I turned to face him also.

  “Can you forgive me for lying?” I asked nervously. I waited for him to turn and walked away. He smiled and he threw his arms around me. My heart pounded in my chest. I pushed him back surprised at his reaction.

  "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked. 

  "I was frightened!" I said."What would you do if I told you that I murdered people at night? What would you say if I had told you I had practiced right here?" 

  "I...I...would have helped." He answered. I backed up into a tree.

  "You would have helped? I don't want you to be a killer too! It's bad enough I am!" I shouted at him. I closed my eyes and hung my head. "I killed...." He stepped closer to me.

  "You helped!" He shouted at me. "You saved people!"

  "I saved myself!" I yelled looking him in the eyes. "Maybe my family too...but it was all for me! I know that now! I know I became a killer because I wanted to! When I put myself in those situations it was so that I could feel alive! Just admit it I'm a KILLER!"

  "This revolution made you a killer because we need you! I don't care if your a killer anymore! I don't care what your identity is! I care for your safety!" The realization that he didn't care if I killed felt as though someone put a knife into my fears. 


  "I love you." He never cared what I became because Ronald would love me. "That's why I didn't marry last year. I was waiting for you. I've always loved you. Can't you see?"

  "I do but I was afraid you would get hurt." I used my sleeve and whipped the trail of tears away. When did I start crying. This was a mess. I looked up at him and realized our faces were inches apart from yelling at each other. He laughed.

  "We hadn't had a really good argument in years." He said.

  "This isn't..."

  "I don't know it seems like a fight to me." 

  "It'll be our last fight against each other" I said looking away. 

  "What do you mean?" He asked and made me look at him.

  "Can you keep a secret?"


  "From everyone?"

  "Yes" He answered without hesitation.

  "When the assassin came... it was his son. I wrote a letter to his father. I asked if he could teach me. I wanted to be better. I want to learn in case of something happening after our revolution. I wanted to study so I could easily take care of myself. After the plan if it goes well I will leave. It's already done." I said my heart breaking more. It hurt to say it out loud.

  "Do you know when you might come back?" He asked.

  "Just keep listening for me."

  "Sapphire! Answer me!"

  "No" My voice shook as I said it. Ronald hugged me closely. I hugged him back trying not to cry."I have to go...I have to...I'm sorry." I let go and made him look at me.

  "You will come back?" He asked and I nodded. "Then let me give you a parting gift." He said.

  "What kind of..." He cut of my sentence by pressing his lips to mine. He let go and smiled.

  "Just come home." Ronald said and left me leaning heavily on the heavily scarred tree. Then it dawned on me. I had my first kiss!

  “You would think I would mature out of this.” I mumbled to the tree but smiled. 

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