Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


8. -

  The room was on fire. It didn’t touch me. I didn’t recognize the room. Fear clung to my heart smiling happily. I could see every signal person I’ve killed burning. I looked down to see myself in my white garbs but no weapons. I gulped and looked around. Nothing but fire and bodies. What was I supposed to do? Why am I watching this? What is happening? Suddenly the floor beneath my feet creaked and moaned. The boards were strained as if I weighed too much. With a snap they gave away letting me fall through but I landed in snow. Fresh snow and the sun shined on it. I looked up to see nothing but blue sky. Getting up I looked around. I was in the graveyard. Headstones were scattered everywhere.  What was happening? I took a step and a hand shot out of the ground grabbing my ankle. I screamed and fell backwards. More hands sprung out of the ground grabbing me. I screamed and heard the sharpening of a blade. ‘Murderer’ some voice said and touched the blade to my throat. I felt the blade slice through my skin. I fell however before real damage could be done. The earth had just given in. Finally I was in a room with cold dark walls. There was a steady dripping noise. Hay dispersed along the ground and there were small white sticks on the ground. It was the dungeon. ‘You are hereby sentenced to the be killed for your acts against the Queen.’ Some voice said and I found my foot had a metal brace that was attached to a chain connected to the wall. ‘I hope you enjoyed watching your friends die.’ Someone said and laughed. ‘No!’ I yelled ‘They are not dead! It’s not possible! I was protecting them.’ ‘We’ve always known.’ The laughter continued and I fell again with the echoing laughter. I woke up with my face inches from the floor. I had automatically stopped myself from hitting the floor.

  “Just a dream” I muttered. I touched my forehead to the floor. “Just a dream” I bent my knees and touched the floor. Rising to my knees I looked around the room. Light barely entered the room. I breathed out and got to my feet. Throwing on my day clothes I walked out of my room. While walking down stairs I braided my hair and walked to the kitchen. My father leaned on the counter with his arms crossed. He was looking out the back door when I entered.

  “So you stayed.” He said.

  “What you mean?” I answered and rubbed my hands together.

  “You stayed here. You didn’t take a walk last night.”

  “I was a little busy last night.” I said jokingly but I was really getting extremely nervous. I grabbed a cup.

  “You’ve been taking a lot of walks. It started a month before the Assassin showed up.” I gulped and poured myself water. I scouted the things that I would need.

  “You know who he is.” He said and looked at me.

  “Father, I don’t know him. If I did wouldn’t I have shown you to him after I met him?” He relaxed.

  “Your right. Why are you taking walks?” He asked. I took a swallow of water.

  “Stress reliever.” I lied placing the water on the counter.

  “Does it work?” He asked. I closed my eyes and imagined if I looked at the sky instead of blood and shadows.

  “It’s so peaceful. Nothing moves and people’s dreams open up to the space and the stars! The stars shine like nothing can ever put them out. There’s the occasional shooting star that makes you think the impossible is possible. The mysteries here are given up there if you read it right. The darkness hugs you like a blanket but you’ll know it will disappear because like us it’s afraid of failure. The moon depending on its mood dances across the sky like mother moving gracefully across the lounge.” Father chuckled and I smiled. “The most important thing is that it doesn’t stay the same every night. Reminding you that the day isn’t the same as yesterday. Things change. Only some things stay but they’ll change too overtime. Darkness and light are not endless. Both must coincide to give life to this earth.” I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the ceiling. “Things will change and we have to accept it.”

  “I love you, Sapphire” My father said and hugged me. It was a surprise after that speech. I thought he would call me crazy.

  “I do too, daddy, I do too” I said into his shoulder. He let go and walked toward the lounge. “How well can you keep a secret?” I blurted out. He looked at me confused.

  “To my grave.” He answered.

  “Do you know who he is?” I asked frightened.

  “I don’t have evidence but every time he’s spotted you’re busy. Are you him?” I cursed myself but nodded.

  “I bet you’re not proud to have a killer as a daughter.” I said looking him straight in the eye. My nails were cutting into my palm. He smiled.

  “I’m proud you can do something that most men close their eyes to do. Most men wouldn’t dare become a savior like you. The meeting’s at lunch. I’ll send you to do something.” He said, winked, and walked out. I smiled and relaxed. Wiping the sudden tears from my eyes I started laughing. It wasn’t so bad now. It wasn’t as scary now. I got off the floor and began making breakfast humming.

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