Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


7. -

  “Thank you for helping, Ronald.” I said setting a basket down in the kitchen. Ronald nodded with a mysterious smile and set his basket next to me. I looked in the lounge. Apparently the inn was closed to regulars because this special guest was coming. Ronald took my cloak and hung it next to his. I felt my cheeks growing warm. He never took my cloak. My mother came in wearing her best dress.

  “Yours is on your bed.” She answered.

  “Who is this person?” I asked. Ronald chuckled. My mother took up the basket and looked inside.

  “More like persons.” Ronald said. “Your inn was picked to hold the first Time of New dance. The Queen didn’t allow the tradition which is it is held at her castle. Apparently you completely pushed this out of your head.” He smiled again. That’s when I noticed him wearing his best clothes. I’ve been so busy I have pushed it out of my head.

  “When I was your age that’s all I thought about.” My mother hummed. “Now go wash up!” I nodded and headed to my room. I didn’t have a best dress. I grew out of it. I opened my door to see a white and blue cloth sitting on my bed. Taking a deep breath I closed the door and tried the dress on. It was very tight around my chest. It fell to the floor boards gracefully. The long sleeves hugged my arms.  I was glad because the cut hadn’t gone away. The ends of the sleeves turned into triangles which connected at my middle finger. The top of the dress was dark blue and it faded into white. My black hair tumbled over my shoulders. I didn’t dare to put it up. Even if I wore a mask when I killed I wouldn’t risk it. I brushed my hair instead. There was a quick knock on my door. I sat on the bed. My mother poked her head in. She gasped and entered closing the door behind her.

  “You look beautiful except you’re not smiling.” She sat next to me. I don’t want to go. I don’t deserve this. I kill, mother, I kill. I am the Assassin. I am the one with blood. I murder. I don’t deserve to have someone because of what I do. Those were the things I wanted to tell her. I wanted her to see I wasn’t the daughter she wants.

  “Mother….” Why were lies easy? Why is the truth hard? Even harder to except!

  “Sapphire, you don’t have to be scared. Life beyond this road is hard. Choices are hard. We shouldn’t dwell on the past and how carefree it was. Time of New is all about you trying to find love and help. Finding that person who doesn’t care about anything except your wellbeing.” How did she know what to say? She smiled and hugged me closely. “Come it’s about to start.” She led me out of my room where in the corner of my eye I saw a small white cloth poking out from under the bed. Life of shadows, I thought, stained with blood. I looked away and down the stairs where Ronald was waiting. Then I realized. Ronald had waited for me. He has always waited for me. He always was there to help. Now I have a huge chuck of my life that was a secret. He still saw the Sapphire I was before I changed. I’ve had some many hints and if someone found out about me he would get hurt first. Ronald looked up at me. I swallowed and tried to smile.

  “Wow, you look... breathtaking.” He said and I smiled at the compliment.

  “Thank you, Ronald.” I almost whispered. I did love him. I wanted them all to be safe. I wanted them all to be happy without the burden of death. What would he say if I told him? “Ronald, I…” Before I could ask him for some privacy the inn’s door opened and groups of people came in.

  “You were saying?” Ronald said over the sudden noise. I could see the band come in and lastly Molly with Al. She wore a blue and black dress that looked a lot like mine except without sleeves.

  “Never mind” I answered as Molly waved at us. I held up a hand and she hurried over. Al following close behind her.

  “You both look like royals.” Molly said and Al nodded.

  “Not as well as you two.” I answered. Molly’s eyes lit up with happiness. The band started playing.

  “Excuse the starting conversation but I believe Molly was to be dancing the first song with me.” Al said and led her away. Ronald took my hand.

  “Will you?” He asked and I nodded in response. I was going to forget all my worries once I started dancing. 

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