Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


6. -

  “Failed again! Where were the reinforcements?” Some nobleman said to the knight. They were drinking wine completely unaware that I was above them listening. I was in one of their houses. I hadn’t paid that much attention. After returning like I had fetched some water we all read the list. Twenty people were on it.

  “They were all dead. Knife in the gut.” The knight answered swirling the blood wine in his glass.

  “That can’t be!”

  “Yep. We only know one who does that.”

  “How did they convince him?” I had enough. Feeling my foot slip I let myself fall on the table. With a quick flick on my wrists both men fell to the floor. I stood and watched as the split wine and the blood murged. They were the same color but you knew they weren’t the same. I would only know the difference between them. My fist tightened on the hilt of the knife. Lightly, I ran to the next house. This nobleman had killed twenty people because they didn’t work hard. I blindly murdered the nobleman on the list of people that couldn’t be trusted. I only had three to go. I stopped halfway toward the house. Pointlessly killing, I thought but shook my head. These men were monsters and must be stopped before they kill more. Who will stop me? I slammed the knife into the stone. It scrapped off the top like water falling on ice. I left the knife there and headed to the stream, my stream. Dropping to my knees I punched at the ice. It broke away and I started washing my knife and my hands. Tomorrow night all the loyal followers of the Queen will be dead. More than half stained my hands. I plunged my hands into the frigid water. I then picked up my knife. Dried blood covered the weapon. I gently placed that in the water and scrubbed the blood off. How many will die tomorrow by the Queen’s hands?


  “Sapphire, are you finished with the dishes? If you are please go into town and get the ingredients off that list. We are having a very special guest coming. Please hurry?” My mother’s voice echoed through the empty kitchen. Father was chopping wood and mother was cleaning. I looked at the clean dishes and then back at the soapy water. I had one glass to clean. After scrubbing it, like I did to the knife, I rinsed it off. The cup didn’t gleam or shine. It was as dull and grey as the person who washed it. Shaking my head I dried my hands and put on my cloak and gloves. I placed my hood halfway on my head and headed out grabbing the list as I went. The fresh snow crunched under my boots as I headed further in towards the town. Many people were outside. Some selling odd things and the most were children playing in the snow. They threw snowballs at each other and laughed like nothing mattered. Nothing ever matters to children until they have to wear the cloak of responsibility. I wore that cloak.I walked over to a wall and leaned on it for support. I stared at the snow and footprints. A small red ball hit my skirt. I knelt down and picked it up and looked to see a little boy running up to me. He wore the brightest smile I haven’t seen.

  “Thank you, Miss. Sapphire!” He said as I smiled and handed him the ball. “Have a good day!” He said and ran away. I stood up and looked around again. I spotted Al and Molly talking and countless of other small groups of boys and girls. My smile reached my eyes. I heard a crunch of boots besides me and I glanced that way.

  “Happy Time of New, Sapphire.” Ronald said with a warm smile. I smiled back and nodded.

  “Ya….Time of New” I said looking toward the blue sky. Amazingly it wasn’t covered with thick grey clouds. I wished it was. It would match me perfectly.

  “Many are thinking to…do it today or tomorrow.” Ronald said also looking up at the sky.

  “People are going to die.” I said looking at him.

  “Everyone dies, Sapphire” Ronald said looking straight ahead.

  “Is that your justification? I know there are many soldiers that are still loyal to the Queen and who will willingly fight back. We have earned her trust with the….but not everyone in this town is on our side.” He stared at me with cold eyes. He was worried.

  “It’s not my justification. I cannot see the enemy. I see lives. I don’t see pawns.” I gulped. What did I see them as? “There will be bloodshed and if we get to her first there won’t have to be. I mean I can see ways of dealing with this without this bloodshed. When the Assassin in White appeared it brought the blood lust out in people. They cannot see any other way.” When I appeared? I brought this blood lust? I looked at the sky. “But now I see it was the only way to deal with this. She is only in her twenties and will still live longer. It’s the only way. I just hope the Assassin appears tomorrow so that we can tell him the plan.” I looked down at the snow.

  “How can we trust him? What if he bails on us at the last moment?” What if I did?

  “We don’t know. I certainly know he won’t bail. He’s saved to many people.” Ronald said.

  “Saved? I see how he saved Al’s family but others?”

  “This town wouldn’t have survived. There would be more killings every day. So yes, he has saved us.” I regarded the list I was supposed to get. All fancy food items. My mother’s elegant hand writing looked beautiful on this paper. It looked as if she had taken a minute to form every perfect word. Everything is perfect in its own way. My kills were perfect by saving lives. Each one done blindly or not was perfect in its own way.

  “I don’t trust him.” I finally whispered. I don’t trust myself to be able to go through another kill.

  “You don’t have to.” Ronald answered and took my hand. He squeezed it lightly and smiled. “Come on, we better get that list completed.” I nodded and he took the paper to read it giving me time to wipe a tear away. 

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