Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


5. -

  “You’re reading it upside down.” I said to Ronald. We were sitting in the busy inn. People were eating their lunch laughing and messing around.

  “I’m supposed to.” He said. “I need to learn how to read upside down.” I smiled and took a bite of soup. After swallowing I tapped my spoon on my bowl.

  “You really think we’ll win?” I asked quietly.

  “Of course. We have an assassin on our side.” I shoved a spoonful of soup in my mouth.

  “So are you going to remain unmarried until all the girls are at your feet wanting to be Queen?” I asked teasingly. He stiffened.

  “I don’t know. I like this one girl and I don’t know if she knows.” He said quietly. I snorted.

  “Most likely she does. She’s probably waiting for you to sweep her off her feet.” I said sarcastically. He smiled at me.

  “Maybe she doesn’t know.” He said and looked back at his book.

  “You aren’t going to tell me more.” He looked up at me.

  “My secret. I’m sure you have plenty. Travelers in inns do like to boast.” It was my turn to stiffen. What would he say if I told him?

  “Any leads?” I asked looking at a paper with a lot of male names on it. Ronald blushed and folded the paper.

  “Still have no idea who he is.” He answered and smiled. “I can’t wait to thank him for everything.” I looked away, trying not to cry. It hurt holding in this one secret from everyone. I felt someone grab my hand. “Are you okay?”

  “Yeah, I’m fine” I lied and my heart twisting in pain. I smiled at him and stood up. My stomach yelling at me to rest. “I better go help.” I turned away and felt him grab my hand.

  “I asked your mom earlier. She said you were holding your side like you hit it.”

  “I did. I hit it on the counter.” I lied and he held my hand tighter. I turned around. Ronald looked lost. He let my hand drop and I walked over to the kitchen. One thought gripped my heart. How much longer did I have to lie? I walked into the kitchen to see my mother crying in my father’s arms. I opened my mouth and he shook his head. He held up both hands. I felt like something slammed into my stomach. Ten more people died. We’ve always had one or two a day not ten. They were trying to smoke me out. I thought and cursed myself. Just then footsteps barged into the inn. I walked calmly into the lounge. It was silent and there were about thirty solders. My hands curled into fist. Someone placed a hand on my shoulder and with a quick glance I saw my father. Then Sir Amos walked in. Amos delivered orders from the queen to the people. He was a usually short man. He was the same size as me and twice my age. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He took out a scroll. My heart dropped. The Queen was calling people to be arrested. It was obvious that she was going to put people in prison to see if the killing stopped. My father stepped in front of me.

  “Go fetch some water.” He mumbled. My heart dropped as I looked quickly around. Men slowly placed their hands on their swords. I curled my hands into fists and slowly exited the room. No one saw me. Sir Amos  cleared his throat. Running up stairs I pulled my door shut and dressed into the garbs. Pulling my hair into a bun I pulled on my hood. Looking out the window I saw all the soldiers were inside. Scrambling to the roof I grabbed my weapons. I dropped to the ground landing perfectly. My rage could melt the snow around me.

  “I shall call the names of those gracefully chosen to win the prizes of the Queen.” Amos said and the door blew open on its own accord. Leaving me in the doorway. Amos screamed and the soldiers pulled out their swords. I held a signal knife in my hand. It was the only one I found. The rebel men stood frozen in shock. With a lazy flick of my hand the knife sailed straight toward Amos. Another soldier jumped in front of it. With a sickening thud the soldier fell to the ground with my knife in his heart. I smiled knowing no one could see. If people were going to die it would be my choice and at my hand. The fight started. I walked gracefully through the commotion. Taking a soldiers sword and pushing it through his heart. Amos stood shocked walking to the back wall. Using that sword I took I ran toward him the blade pointed at him. He screamed but was cut off the sword. With a thud and the sound of something rolling across the now blood stained floor everyone froze. The rebels had either taken a man hostage or killed him. I was breathing heavy with anger. I turned around and picked up Amos’s detached head. I tossed it toward the trash. It landed perfectly. Ronald was standing his sword had no blood on it. No one moved. It’s the first time they see me, I thought. Walking over I pulled out my knife. I started toward the door.

  “Wait!” Ronald yelled at me. I stopped staring into the snow. “Who are you? Please if you’re on our side please tell us who you are!” I used the door frame to wipe the blood off. It was for show, I thought almost cringing.

  “You already know.” I lowered my voice. I walked out into the street and jumped up to the roof. I made sure I was camouflage before turning around to see Ronald trying to figure out where I went. I mental punched myself for telling the truth.

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