Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


4. -

  “Sapphire!” My head jerked up with the sound of my name. I must have dozed off while washing dishes. I started to scrub again. My side has been aching all day. “The afternoon lunch is about to start and you haven’t finished the dishes!” It was mother. I hung my head.

  “I didn’t sleep well last night.” I said and felt my eyes close.

  “Yes, I did hear those screams last night.”

  “I think I was up all night.” I muttered and felt someone catch me.

  “Sapphire, are you okay?” It was Ronald. I closed my eyes.

  “She just said to me she didn’t sleep last night. Have you guys found out what the yells were?”

  “Yes, the assassin from the south is dead. Pinned to a tree. He also has a stab wound in the chest.”

  “Ronald be a dear and put Sapphire in her room then can you help me?”

  “Yes” I felt Ronald pick me up and carry me out. “Sorry you couldn’t sleep last night.”

  “That’s okay” I said sleepily.

  “You know I’m worried about you.”


  “Yes. It’s this inn…”

  “Stop. I’m fine.” I felt the softness of my bed. I yawned again. “I’m so tired.” I felt something on my forehead and heard his footsteps leave. I forced my eyes to open. There was a note on the bedside table. It was unopened and the seal wasn’t broken. Numbly reaching over I grabbed the letter. Opening it I read the note.

  Dear Assassin in White,

  If I’m not alive, you are reading this. I am not the Assassin of Shadows. I’m his son. He does not know where I am. Last time we met we almost killed each other but if he ever does come he would side with you. I just want him to know I did it to bring him money. I will side with you if I live. It’s okay if you don’t show mercy. Mercy wouldn’t be shown to you. It is just our type of work.  And to an assassin you stand out as the Assassin in White. I hope you remain invisible to others.

  Son of an Assasssin

  Charles D. Seranda

  Father- Fredrick Seranda

  I felt tears fall. He was an idiot. Why didn’t he tell me? I stood up and placed the letter where my white garbs where. I had to tell Fredrick how his son died. ‘He died by my hands, sir’ I heard me say to the actual man and getting a sharp pain in my gut.

  Blood dripped on my hands. I placed them in the frigid water. Rubbing my hands together I tried to get rid of the blood. It seemed to stain my hands. My breathing got faster. I was growing frantic. Taking my hands out I shook them. I did it. I killed him. It was for the revolution. They needed you. I slammed my hand into the tree. My blood started coming out of the scrapes. Blood was everywhere and nowhere. I fell backwards on the snow. The snow started to fall from the blacken sky. The cold was freezing my cuts. I wanted to lie here. I killed a man. I smiled, listening to the running water and feeling the cold, I was oddly calm. Molly would worry and Ronald, I don’t know what he would do. I wasn’t ready to give up my friends. I was going to win. Getting up I headed toward the inn and the unexpecting future.


  I was sitting on a roof in my white garbs. I was looking north toward the tall castle that loomed over the village like a shadow. In a month the plan should take place. After I woke up and wrote a letter to Fredrick, I used the name Assassin in White. A week later I was watching the window for the meeting again. The plan was to gather all the followers and storm the castle. Blood will spill and people will die. All my work would be for nothing. I released my fist looking at the half-moons I had made. We had a month to gather soldiers. The other villages under nobles had already risen up and were waiting for Ronald to take the throne. I took out my knife and looked at it. It didn’t look like it had ever been used. It had though. It sliced the throats of many nobles and knights. I had stolen the list of potential people that will help. It narrowed my list significantly. I looked down at the window I had been watching. Nobleman Tee sat reading to his daughter and son. He was one who wasn’t on the list. I didn’t want to force him to help. Then again I felt bad for the daughter who didn’t know her true father. Sighing heavily I leaped over to his roof. I jumped down to his window and opened it. Closing it I climbed up to the rafters. Tee’s wife entered and I could hear the rumble of the Tee’s voice. Heavy hearted I watched as the wife, Helen, sat down at the vanity. No one but noble men could afford such a thing. Tee came in and kissed his wife. After he turned away she looked depressed.

  “Why are you going out dear?” Helen asked

  “I’m going to find the assassin. He was supposed to report today.” He answered putting a heavy cloak on.

  “You didn’t hear?” Helen asked

  “What didn’t I hear?”

  “He was killed by the Assassin in White.” Helen said and rubbed her arm. I could see the sudden rage in Tee. He cursed.

  “That assassin is always one step ahead of us!” He slammed his fist against the wall. I gripped the rafter tighter. Now I knew why Helen always bought powder for her face. It was to hide the bruises. Tee looked at Helen and then left. Helen sat there crying.

  “How long has he been taken his anger out on you?” I said in my low voice. Helen sat very still.

  “Always.” She answered shaking.

  “I will not kill you. Don’t be afraid.” I looked out the window from where I sat. I could see Tee walking away from his house. “Does he hit your child?”

  “Only once, Assassin in White.” Helen said. I landed without a noise. She turned and looked at me. “I will help you. I hate seeing children die at that monster’s hands.”

  “You’re aid is appreciated. Say to the innkeeper ‘he visited me’. Become a spy for them and your daughter will disappear. I hate using a child…”

  “I understand. Go ahead.” I nodded and opened the windows. I jumped out and landed perfectly on the street. I could see Tee’s footprints. I followed them. He must have stopped a lot because I caught up to him. He was standing in front of Ronald’s house with a torch. Too easy, I thought and my knife slid to my hand. It was if he was waiting for something. I looked around. On the ground next to his feet was gunpowder, only used for bombs. I ran and grabbed the torch from his hands and I felt myself fly backwards. I slammed against a side of a house gripping the torch. I looked at Tee. He must have kicked me when I grabbed the torch out of his hand. My stomach exploded with pain. Hissing in pain I looked at the torch. It was still burning.

  “I laid this whole area with gunpowder.” Tee said smiling. “You’re going to die for the pain you cause.” I started to laugh, causing me more pain, but I still laughed.

  “Maybe one day I will” I said and continued laughing. He told me what he did and told me how to defeat him. I looked around and saw the bucket of dirty water. It wasn’t filled with oil because I knew you would have to dump it out before putting oil in it. The ground around the bucket was dry. Bone dry. It was a noble man like him that would forget to check for water. This bucket was directly next to me. I dropped the torch into the water. With a hiss of steam, the torch was out. Tee looked as though he was going to run. I threw my knife and it hit his shoulder. Tee took several steps backwards. I pulled out my long sword and walked toward him. He pulled out my knife and threw it at me. I didn’t move for his aim was off and wasn’t going to hit me. Except I was wrong. It hit my arm but it was still off. It left a cut but it wasn’t deep. My white right sleeve was turning red. I advanced on him like it wasn’t anything. I lazily stabbed him where his heart was. I pulled out the sword. His red blood shined in the moon light. I looked at the cut. It wasn’t deep but if I wasn’t careful it would bleed through my clothes. I whipped my sword on his clothes. The ground was already soaked with blood. Swallowing the urge to puke I walked away.

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