Stained with Blood

I am a murderer. However more importantly I am an assassin. I am The Assassin in White. Pushed to the extremes I must now kill to save.


2. -

  It was midnight and freezing. I sat on the roof of an opposite building to Sir Farsmart. My white cloak flew behind me in the wind. My white trousers, the only ones I owned, matched the snow on top of the building. It would snow soon covering up where I’ve been. My white long sleeve shirt hid the knife I had in my sleeve. I watched as Sir Farsmart take off his sword and placed it on the mantle of his fireplace. I smiled. Running lightly, no one can hear my footsteps; I leaped off the roof to his. It looked as though nothing happened. Sir Farsmart looked around his room and he went downstairs. He had forgotten his pipe. I took the moment and entered his room through the window. I closed the window, making sure you couldn’t tell and climbed up to the rafters. I sat there waiting silently for him to come back. Sure enough he did with his pipe in his mouth and papers tucked under his arm. Smiling I watched him place the papers on the mantle besides his sword. His room was full of luxuries that the villagers couldn’t have or pay for. He sat on his chair and started to hum an old war song. Finally he put out his pipe and blew out his candle. I fell silently down behind him. I knew he had noticed my perfect landing. I could see him shaking with fear. He slowly turned around. My hair was in a bun and the only thing you could see under my hood was my blue eyes. His eyes filled with fear and he froze.

  “I pictured the Assassin in White to be a bit taller.” He managed to say. I wanted to laugh but instead my knife fell to my hand. I gripped it tightly. He looked over to the mantle. His final mistake. In a flash I knocked him over and plunged my knife into his heart. Then I sliced his throat. My trade mark. They will never be able to speak my name again. I wiped my knife on his clothes and looked at my garbs. No blood. His blood leaked out a poured onto the floor like a broke pipe. Standing up I looked over to the papers. They had the seal of the queen on them. I had a sudden idea. Tying the papers to the sword, I opened the window. Leaving it opened I climbed to the roof. The snow fell a little heavier. I ran across the roof tops till I got to Ronald’s house. I jumped to the street landing perfectly and set the sword on the window of the kitchen. Ronald would be the first one up and the first one to notice it. I smiled and ran on the street toward my home above the inn. Climbing to my window I slipped in and changed into a night gown. Hiding the white garbs under the floor board under the bed, I slipped beneath my own covers letting it warm me up. Another job well done, I thought. I shivered with pride.


  “Unbelievable!” I lied listening to Molly tell me how they found Sir Farsmart. The papers had been execution papers and wanted list. The number one was the Assassin in White. The title does have a ring to it. I liked the name too much. We were sitting at the stream again. I loved hearing the running water wash away the blood of last night.

  “It’s like he’s always watching our back!” Molly said excitedly. “So,” she said the smile leaving her face.


  “Who do you think?” Molly asked. I had to missing something.

  “Think about whom?” I asked.

  “Did you totally forget what next week is?” She asked and her jaw hung opened.


  “Time of New” She said like I was an idiot and I was. I had completely forgotten about the Time of New. The Time of New was the last week in the winter season before spring began. It was when men started courting the ones they liked. You come to the age of sixteen and then girls usually get married. Men can do whatever like Ronald who decided to skip the whole business last year. He was seventeen and still unmarried. It wasn’t our kingdom’s law either, it was the worlds’. Girls who turn sixteen usually get married before turning seventeen. My sixteenth was a mouth ago. I was going to get married sometime. Molly poked me.

  “You’re going pale.” She said.

  “I completely forgot.” I said. “It seems unreal.”

  “I’m hoping Albert shows some interest in me.” Molly said. Al was the son of the town’s blacksmith. “What about you?”

  “I…don’t know….”

  “You’ll find out.” Molly said as if I would think of a name real fast.

  “What are you two talking about without me?” Ronald’s voice came from behind. Molly looked at him.

  “Nothing a klutz like you needs to know.”

  “I’m betting next week.” He said and Molly blushed.

  “Great guess.” I said turning around.

  “Your mom wants you.” He said smiling

  “So you’re the message boy now?” Molly said raising her eyebrow.

  “I’m the only one that really knows where you go.” Ronald said and sat down.

  “It seems like yesterday we all sat here for the first time and became friends.” I said looking out into the woods.

  “So much has changed.” Molly said agreeing with me. I stood and brushed off the snow that clung to my skirt.

  “Well, if you’re correct Ronald, I should be going.” I slowly walked away. Walking back to the inn seemed to take longer. If I got married, then the Assassin in White would disappear which meant the revolution would stop. We needed a new ruler. Why couldn’t the revolution start earlier? Why does it have to be now? I entered the lounge to see it set for a meeting. I knew what was happening. Ronald’s father was having a meeting and they needed someone to bring drinks and make sure no one enters. I quickly filled everyone’s mugs and headed over to the window. I looked at the meeting. My mother and father sat next to Ronald’s parents and Molly’s parents. There were the heads of the other families too and the Captain of the Guard, Tony Bellram. He supported our cause. It was lucky that he did because I would hate to kill him. I threatened him as the Assassin in White. He had told the others about the blue eyes. Thankfully he never made the connection that it was me. Well, I was partly in the shadows when I did. I looked out the window to see more snow falling. Ronald and Molly appeared. They did the special knock and I let them in. Molly would be serving drinks and handing out snacks.

  “We know that the Queen ordered five families to be thrown in the dungeons till death takes them. We know that their main target in the Assassin in White.” Ronald’s father said. He pointed at the sword. “A gift from the Assassin. What can it mean?” It was meant to tell you who got killed, I thought, amusing myself.

  “The enemy is getting stronger.” Captain Bellram said. “The Queen’s more paranoid than ever. She wants this Assassin taken down no matter the cost.” That’s helpful, I thought. Nothing on the streets moved. “They think they know who the assassin is.” He continued making me look at Molly, who glanced my way. I looked back out of the window.

  “Who do they think he is?” My father asked. ‘He’ is standing in this room, I thought.

  “The blacksmith” Captain Bellram said and I almost laughed. “In about an hour they’re going to throw him and his family in the dungeons.” My body froze. They weren’t going to watch him? Just throw him in the dungeons and hope the killing stops. I looked at the clock. Thirty minutes away Molly’s hopeful husband will be thrown to death’s open arms. With a sudden thud I looked around to see Molly passed out.

  “Molly!” I ran over to her. “She just passed out. I should stay with her.” Ronald picked Molly up and we went upstairs and set her in one of the vacant rooms. Ronald went back stairs. Making sure Molly was still passed out I left and went to my room. Quickly getting changed into the white garbs I scrambled to the roof top. If my calculations were correct I would be at the blacksmith exactly when the soldiers are supposed to storm the place. I walked over to the inn’s chimney and plunged my hand inside. Finding the bag of weapons I stole I hide them in my sleeves. I strapped the long sword to my waist then I made sure there was no black stuff on my shirt. I ran toward the blacksmith’s house. With no real training except hitting the trees in the forest I was very good at throwing knives and cutting them. Finally I reached the roof of the blacksmith. Soldiers, wearing their blue uniforms surrounded the house. There were five of them not including the head. I didn’t want to kill all of them. The head of the unit was knocking on the door. I took out my long sword. It was made by the blacksmith I was about to save. It was the first weapon I stole, since I took the knives from the kitchen. The head of the Amory was the second I killed and stole from.  I used his knives instead of the ones from the inn, which I made sure to clean. The head of the Amory was now someone for the revolution except the Queen didn’t know that. Finally a soldier looked up and pointed at me in fear. He couldn’t even scream. I smiled. I flipped off the roof and landed in the middle of their semicircle. I stood up and congratulated myself for yet another perfect landing. I quickly moved out of the way as two soldiers made a stab at me. With a quick upward stroke I cleanly severed both men’s hands off. They both gripped now the stubs of their hands and backed up. Two down three to go. The next one ran like a bull seeing red toward me and I jumped over him. Turning in the air I stabbed downward cutting into his head. Putting my feet on his shoulders I pushed off getting my sword out of his skull. I landed with my back toward the soldiers. Three down two to go. I turned around. The last two had their swords out but they were shaking in fear.

  “Men, that’s the Assassin in White take him down!” The head of the unit yelled and I watched him slowly walk backwards. My knife slid down to my hand and I threw it at him. The knife hit his heart with a sickening thud. The last two men looked at each other. They dropped their swords.

  “Please don’t kill us.” The man on the left pleaded.

  “Have you two lost your entire honor for the Queen?” A man holding his stump of a hand yelled. I walked over to him another knife slid down to my hand.

  “The Queen will die at my hand.” I said in a low voice and slit his throat watching the flood of blood pour down from the cut. Looking away I saw Al and his father walk out.

  “Thank you.” Al said. Al was shorter than Ronald by a couple inches but was a bigger built than him. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. I didn’t acknowledge his thanks and retrieved my knife. The soldiers looked at me.

  “Help” I said in the same low voice and pointed my dagger at them. I turned and leaped to the roof of the opposite house disappearing in the snow.

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