Sexual fantasy with the uncontrollable viper

Bryanna a 35 year old single mom lost faith in love til one fateful night


1. scary situation

Bryanna is a 35 year old single mom just getting off of her double shift at the local nursing home.she walked to her car getting ready to start her well deserved two days off.getting into the car she pushes the key into the ignition and starts her car.backing up and pulls out to the road she heads home to her sons.twenty minutes into the ride home she feels a hand cover her mouth.

mystery person as she screams into the hand"shut up already and don't won't get hurt if you don't fight back"

Bryanna as tears escapes her eyes looks into the rear view mirror trying to catch a glimpse of her assailant.mumbles"please just take my money and don't hurt me.i have young kids at home"

mystery guy"I said shut pull over"

Bryanna crying as she does as he says.still mumbling"please don't hurt me"

mystery guy pulling his hand back and brings it back hitting her in the mouth"don't you ever shut up?"

Bryanna wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and notices blood"what are you gonna do to me?"

mystery man"shut up and get back here in the back seat"

Bryanna scared for her life does as he says"I'm begging you for my life.don't leave my boys without a mom"

mystery man pushing her to the floor pulling her pants off" just stop and I'll let you live"

as he removes his pants and climbs on top of her there's a bang on the passenger side back window

What do you guys think so far?

Who is the one banging on the window?

Chapter two coming soon

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