Sexual fantasy with the uncontrollable viper

Bryanna a 35 year old single mom lost faith in love til one fateful night


2. scary situation continues

Bryanna looks back at the window and begs for help as the mystery man positions himself between her legs.the look of horror on the persons face told her of what was about to the mystery man rammed himself into her she let out a blood curdling scream.the banging on the window continued with intensity as the mystery man started his assault on Bryanna.Bryanna screamed out louder as the mystery man continued his assault on her.just then she heard what sounded like glass shattering.looking up she saw glass fall all around her.she screamed louder as she saw a hand reach in and unlock the door.

Bryanna looking at the hand"oh god help me"

mystery man"I said shut up and take it or I will kill you"

her rescuer"get the fuck off of her before I snap your neck"

mystery man looking up as he stops still in her"you have no business here so leave"

just then a hand reaches around his neck and yanks him off of Bryanna who was screaming more.

Bryanna"please don't hurt me"

her rescuer"not planning on it.have help coming"

Bryanna sitting up and bringing her knees to her chest"I need to get home to my babies"

What do you think?

Who do you think rescued Bryanna?

Chapter three coming soon

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