Sexual fantasy with the uncontrollable viper

Bryanna a 35 year old single mom lost faith in love til one fateful night


3. a revelation

mysterious hero reaching his hand out"I can't allow you to just go home.not just yet.not until you get checked out"

Bryanna rocking back and forth contemplating taking hold of his hand"I was due home five minutes parents are gonna freak out if I don't show up home"

mysterious hero"at least get checked out.i'll clean up this mess" points to the unconscious mystery man."if they clear you to go home I'll follow you home making sure that you arrive home safe"

Bryanna looking away as she runs her fingers over his hand"you don't have to follow me home.i should be safe now.i appreciate what you done to help me" looks at his rose tattoo on his forearm"nice tribute to your girl"

mysterious hero"that's for my daughter.the only ink that means so much to me"

"Great I get rescued by a married man with a kid. Can this day get any worst?" Bryanna thinks to herself"I guess you need to get home to the family"

mysterious hero looking down as he runs his fingers over the rose"no family to go home to"

Bryanna looking up and examining his features"sorry I didn't mean to talk about that"

mysterious man looking at her noticing her green eyes"I've learned to deal with the divorce and yet it still hurts and is still fresh.being on the road doesn't give me much time with my daughter"

Bryanna thought to herself"a man this handsome allowed a woman go.he could've helped any woman.why me?"

mysterious hero noticing Bryanna deep in thought"I'm a wrestler with the WWE travel a lot so no time to be at only regret is forcing her out of my life"

What do you think will happen next?

What do you think of Bryanna's mystery heroes revealing so much to her?

Chapter four coming soon

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