Sexual fantasy with the uncontrollable viper

Bryanna a 35 year old single mom lost faith in love til one fateful night


4. a connection

Bryanna looking up at him"how did you force her out of your life?"

mysterious hero looking down"no time for my family...the drugs,drinking,partying,cheating"

Bryanna"you don't seem high or drunk to me right now"

mysterious hero"I almost lost my job so I was forced into rehab.three and a half months of rehab cleaned me up,but she still won't forgive me"

Bryanna"have you tried to show her that you changed?that you cleaned up?"

mysterious hero"she can't stand to be around me"

Bryanna"try calling her to prove you cleaned up"

mysterious hero"she changed her number so I can't call her.i miss my daughter so much.i'd give everything to have them in my life again"

Bryanna looking away"oh.sorry that I was staring,but you're so intriguing to me"

mysterious hero looking at her"what I learned from rehab is never be sorry for something you do unless it's let's get you checked over"

Bryanna"don't let them take me to the hospital.i hate hospitals"

mysterious hero smirking"I've spent almost five years avoiding hospitals and doctors"

What do you think so far?

Is there sparks between them?

Chapter five coming soon

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