What am i doing?

Chapter 1
My name is Janice, I'm 18 and its the first day of summer break. I live with my uncle, Cody. He works at this bar In LA, and we just happen to live there. My parents dead when I was only 3 so I don't remember much so I have to help him this summer.

Later that day.
I'm not busy at all, there hasn't been anyone here at all. Cody was out shopping with his girlfriend Kate and so I had to look after the bar. I'm wearing black skinny jeans and a v line shirt with the words of keep calm across the top. Just then the door swung open and there stood a tall, blond, I have to say sexy. I felt my jaw drop a little by the sight of him but closed it as soon as I noticed it was open. Damn he is the hottest guy I've seen..... Like ever!!! Then he stared coming closer to ME. Then I realized I was standing behind the bar counter so he most be think that I'm the bartender. He pulled out a chair an took a seat. The voices in my head kept saying " Janice be cool, don't do any thing weird"." What's good around here" he ask I noticed he had a low voice with and accent, I studied him a bit he had bright blue eyes that could make a person faint, he also had a lip ring which make him more attractive. " can I see an ID?" U asked not trying to sound rude. "Sure " he ask and handed me his ID. There was a photo of him and beneath is read "Luke Robert Hemmings" and he was 18. I handed back his ID. " what can I get you?" I asked like a bartender hoping he wouldn't notice. "Shots on me, come join" he said waking to a table. " oh sorry Im on the jo" I stated but got interrupted. " legal age for bar tending is 20 and by the looks of it you aren't 20" he said informing. Since Cody was out I thought "what could be the harm".


3. part 3

"Here's to new friends" we both held up a glass and soon went on with the next one. By the time the bottle of what ever we had was empty, I'm pretty sure he new me more then I knew myself. I was to wasted to stand up straight so I asked for his help do he stood up taking my hand in his and pulled me up. His hands were so soft and large but yet I was comfortable. Then as we were about to walk are sap rate ways, being a little tipsy I stumbled, and fell on top of Him. We were laying on the bar floor, clearly not sober. I started to giggle soon after he joined in. When we finally noticed that we were still on the floor we just stared into each others eye. WOW!! How did I not notice those eyes at first. We struggled to get up and as we were standing there staring at each other, we bit down on his lip, where he had a black lip ring, something I found very attractive. He walked closer to me, close enough that I could feel his not so minty breath on my skin. He teach out, one hand on my waist and the integer on my cheek to guide my face closer to his. He eyes moved from my eyes to my lips while butting his. The alcohol kicked in as he leaned in to place a soft kiss on my lips. I was to shucked to kiss him back. I knew it would regret my next this but I clearly under the influence of alcohol. I raised my hands to his cheeked as he was about to pull back. I then finally kissed back with pure lust. He deepened to kiss by softly biting on my bottom lip and slightly tugging on it. He stared shifting are positions and led me to I'm guessing to bathrooms. We can to the doors where he ended the kiss and took my and once again in his and shoved to doors open. I was facing him and he was facing me , behind me where the counters and sinks. He wrapped his hands around my waist lifting me up onto the counter, and as he came in more aggressive for another kiss, I wrapped my legs around his waist bringing his closer and moved by hand from his back to his hair slightly tugging making a small moan escape husband lips. Our lips moved in sync and he moved his hand from my lower back to either sides of me on the counter.

10 minutes later

As he held me against the wall, still making out aggressively, I slowly pulled apart of the sound of the bar doors opening. "What's wrong?" Luke asked looking at me with lust in his eyes. " I hear some one", I answered looking to see who it was. I see Cody carrying some bags and shout "Janice" I answered with a simple "yes" and walked out signalling Luke to say were he us. "Help me carry these bags up will you". He said I nodded as he walked up the stairs and as soon as he was out of sight. I said "run now" to Luke and he ran as I took the bags. "Well that was a good way to start up the summer" I thought.

I hope you like I have to next chapter already written I just need to publish it! But it's a little confusing. Please comment if you like!! 😘

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