True Beauty

Everything has beauty.
But only some can see it.


2. Today..

Today my mom and I went shopping to get some new clothes for school.

And as we were on an isle..

A boy...

I guess about my age you could say.

Was looking at me.

Not in an intensely way.

He just looked at me.

Our eyes had contact the whole time...

And I couldn't stop thinking to myself...

Is he looking at my scar.

Or is he looking at me?

He made me feel all warm and fuzzy..

After a few seconds I looked away.

He was still looking..

I don't know why...

And as I looked back he smiled at me..

I almost tripped over a rack.

He chuckled, and he smiled at me again..

And I smiled back..

That is the first time in a long time that someone made me smile.

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