True Beauty

Everything has beauty.
But only some can see it.


3. My scars story...

I was 14.

I was on my way to see my grandma.

Me and....

My mom..

We were on the highway....

When all of a sudden the car next to us swerved around and slammed into the passenger side...

The side I was sitting on.

And that's all I remember.


I woke up in the hospital..

The side of my face was aching in pain.

My vision was blurry for a few seconds.

And then it cleared..

I could see my mom sitting in a chair next to my hospital bed.

She had tears running down her face and I could hear her saying "This is all my fault.."

I looked at her.

And asked her what happened,

And as quickly as she could she wiped all the tears away from her face..

And she said, "Hey Baby Girl" and smiled.

I looked her in the eyes and I said " it's not your fault"

She looked at me..

But not in the eyes...

She looked at the side of my face.

I asked "What?!?!" In a panicked voice.

She just stared. Not saying a word.

I have a scar from the starting point, of my left eyebrow down my check curving onto my jaw...

No one....

Not even my mom.

Will look at me the same way....

Or ever will....

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