Don't Tell me What You've Done

A young protagonist questions everything she's ever known. From her mothers murder, and her dad's job. Her dad builds animatronic's and her mother died with no trace of the murderer. She starting getting paronia after her mother died. With everything crazy going on can she survive?


3. The Pavement

The screams they are louder this time. They are trapped, they all are trapped! Kids laughing, kids screams.

"Please no... Just no, let be! Let me live!"

The monsters they come for me, they surround me.

"Father... Xander?"

"Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes. We all fall down."

Black it's all back, no other color except for red.

"Father! XANDER!"


All a dream, it was all a dream.

"Oh, you think you can convince yourself just like that?"


A young girl with brown hair and golden eyes came up to me.

"Just wait."

"For What!"



Another dream am I having inception?

"Cecelia are you okay? You've been screaming in your sleep."My dad says as he opens the door.

"I have?"I say as I look at my dad.

"Yes, I don't think it's healthy."My dad says as  he walks closer.

"I'm fine.... I think I need to be alone."I say as I sit up.

"Ok, call me if you need me."My father says as he walks out the door.

As I get out of bed I look at the walls of my room. It has photos of my family and I. As my eyes pan over to my closet. I see a box under it, I walk over and grab it.

I open the lid to find notes, many notes.

Dear Cecelia Octavia Haven,

I love you. If you are reading this I'm gone, I am writing this while you asleep in your crib. You are such a beautiful baby, I know you'll be a lovely lass. Father has been at work, he is staying overnight there. Like he doesn't want to see you. Oh, my someone just open the door... Be quiet.

-Your Mother Kara Jayne Haven.

Dear Cecelia Octavia Haven,

Your father has been gone longer than usual. I fear it's bad for him not to see his own daughter. I'm wondering if it would be bad, if I just left? I would take you of course to keep you safe, I fear father is going crazy. They are coming.

-Your Mother Kara Jayne Haven

I dig deeper down into these notes, each is in an envelope except for the two I just read. Each envelope is labeled by a date. I can't find one farther than the date 1/4/02, that was the day my mother died. I open the letter hoping that my mother wrote it, but she didn't write it.

Dear Cecelia Haven,

I found these letters that your mother has been writing to you. Today she has died, by um, one of my own anamatronics. Some how it got set on free roam and knocked her out... Dead. You've been locked up in your room crying, and cuddling with the stuffed animal mother gave you. Xander and I are going to take you to the doctor to see if your doing alright.



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