Don't Tell me What You've Done

A young protagonist questions everything she's ever known. From her mothers murder, and her dad's job. Her dad builds animatronic's and her mother died with no trace of the murderer. She starting getting paronia after her mother died. With everything crazy going on can she survive?


2. Down On

"I Knew You Were Trouble When you Walked in."

~Taylor Swift

I walk into the living room dad is gone like he always is. But I can hear footsteps...

"Father?"I shout,

"Who's father?"I hear a voice shout back,

My heart skips a beat, this could be paronia or it could be real life. I hear the footsteps come closer and closer and then I can feel cold metal hands on my shoulders. This is real life not my paronia.

"FATHER!"I manage to shout.


"Is she ok?"

"We are not sure on that Mr.Haven."

"She has to be!"

"Mr.Haven she hopefully will be ok."


I wake up on my bed. I see that someone turned on the T.V.

"Cecelia your up!"I hear my father say as he pauses the T.V.

"What happened?"I ask as I sit up.

"I found you laying on the floor so I brought you to your bedroom, it's been 2 days."H esays as he hands me my phone.

"2 days? What happened?"I ask trying to lay back down.

"You got a strong hit to head."


It's been 6 days since I've passed out, everything is different. According to my dad, I had a frying pan in my hand. I don't believe him... I believe it was the anmatornic.

I reach out for the T.V. remote, the channel is Disney XD, Gravity Falls is playing.

"You, um... Alright in there?"I hear a voice say behind my door.

"Um, I guess... Who are you?"I respond.

"Xander, your brother..."The voice responds back.

"Xander come in!"I shout.

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