Don't Tell me What You've Done

A young protagonist questions everything she's ever known. From her mothers murder, and her dad's job. Her dad builds animatronic's and her mother died with no trace of the murderer. She starting getting paronia after her mother died. With everything crazy going on can she survive?


1. I Lay

"Wearing my Best Dress."

-Florence and the Machine


I lay down on the pavement, the warm, dry, grey, pavement. I see the cars, and people passing by. Men, woman, trucks, mini vans, bikes, motor cycles. Nothing out of the ordinary except for a man in a tuxedo. His black hair covering his eyes, a bag, well more of a satchel. He would stare at me then walk away and then come back. As I see him walk again I get up and stare back at him. he stares back at me for what seems like forever. Out of the corner of my eyes I see two men dressed just like him.

"Stand back." I shout.

Everybody looks at me.

"Sorry, false alarm."

After that everybody goes back to doing what they were. I walk away so I can get away from the men. It seems like forever but I get home.

"How was your day Cecelia?"My fathers says as he sips some coffee.

"Okay I guess, why are you home from work so early?"I ask as I lay down on the couch.

"The animatronic's got finished early. So I thought, why not see my daughter?"My father says as he lays his coffee down.

"Haven't you ever seen 5 nights at Freddy's? I swear you have the worst job ever."I say as I grab my labtop.

"Well honey, you have paronia. Everything is an extra bit of scary to you."My dad says as he sits down next to me.

"It's not my fault! We don't even know what killed mom!"Tears start falling down my face and onto my labtop as I shout that.

"Honey, it's ok.."My father says as he places his hand on my shoulder.


Children's screams fill my mind.

"Mother, can we say hi to Bearimo? Can I, can I?"

"Yes Cece."

When I come back to my mother she is laying on the ground right next to Ducky.


Ducky's head starts twitching.





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