Samantha Rogers was just a reject. She didn't have any friends. Her mom was abusive and her dad was never home. She started cutting and tried to commit suicide. Then when she has had enough of bullying she forces herself to throw up in the school bathroom. When a mysterious boy comes in and helps her she finds herself falling. Will this mysterious boy make her worse and tear her to shreds? Or will they make it through high school together?


20. chapter 19

Samantha's pov:

It has been 14 almost 15

years since Gabi's birth.

Me and luke just got back from date night at the beach. Gabi was staying the night at Ashton's house since Gabi insisted she hang out with her "best friend ashton."

Luke grabs my hand and pulls me into his bedroom. Kissing me very passionately and me returning the kiss like pulls me unto his bed.

"I love you Samantha." Luke says onto my lips.

"I love you too luke."

Luke breaks the kiss and pulls off his shirt. I pull off mine throwing it across the room. Luke kisses me and pulls off his pants. I remove my pants as luke un clips my bra throwing it across the room landing on top of my shirt. I lay on my back and luke climbs on top of me. Luke grinds his body on top of me as I moan. I flip luke over and I'm now on top as we are grinding on each other's bodies. I start humping him. Luke is now groaning into my lips as we kiss. Luke flips me to the bottom. I pull off Luke's underwear as he groans into my lips. I moan as luke pulls off my underwear with his teeth. I grab his length and slip it into my mouth. Luke grabs my waist pulling me closer to him. Pumping his length Luke moans into my neck. I start to taste a salty liquid in my mouth. I suck and swallow as much as I can moaning into his length. Removing it from my mouth I lay down. Luke starts grinding on me causing me to moan. Luke them slips inside of me. Thrusting he grabs my waist for support.


"Luke. Harder."

He starts thrusting faster. Bigger.


Faster harder.

"Faster..." I say as I moan.

Faster. Faster. Faster. Hitting my G-Spot every time. Running out of energy his movements get slower. I feel his length as he pulls it out. I gave him a boner. I start to laugh as he silences me with a kiss. Luke slips inside of me again and sit like that as we kiss. Luke slips out 5 minutes later. He grabs my boobs and squeezes them. Kissing me passionately he then sit up. I move to his lap and I rest my head on him and start crying. Luke stops.

"Babe.... What's wrong? Am I hurting you?"

"No Luke it's not that..."

"Then what's wrong?" He asks now looking me in the eye.

I wipe my tears but they just keep coming.

"Luke I can't do this."

"Why not?"

"Look down."

He looks at his length. The tip is now covered in blood.


"I'm sorry luke."

I grab my underwear and slip it on. I run to the bathroom to think.

What is going to happen to me? I'm not supposed to have sex on my period...

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