Samantha Rogers was just a reject. She didn't have any friends. Her mom was abusive and her dad was never home. She started cutting and tried to commit suicide. Then when she has had enough of bullying she forces herself to throw up in the school bathroom. When a mysterious boy comes in and helps her she finds herself falling. Will this mysterious boy make her worse and tear her to shreds? Or will they make it through high school together?


15. chapter 14

Luke's pov:

I can't believe what Samantha is going through. No parents and she's pregnant. I love her so much but I can't stand to see her like this. It just makes me so sad....

We drive to the hospital which luckily is only about 2 minutes away and park near the door. Samantha is 3 months pregnant and still she looks as sexy as can be. I park the car and we wake in the does hand in hand. We sit in the waiting room and then Samantha is called back.

"Samantha Rogers?"

Samantha stands up and walks through the doors. I try to follow but I wasn't allowed back there. I sit back down and focus on my phone in order to keep from exploding.

Samantha's pov:

"Samantha Rogers?"

I stand up and walk through the office doors. Luke tried to follow but he wasn't allowed through. I watch as he sits down furiously and focuses on his phone.

"Right this way" the doctor tells me.

"Okay. Why wasn't luke allowed to come back here with me?"

"You mean your boyfriend? The gentleman you were sitting with?

I nod.

" he wasn't allowed back here because we have limited seating. You are welcome to FaceTime him though so he can be here with you. Many of our patients do that these days."

"Thank you so much!" I grab my phone from my back pocket and FaceTime luke. He picks up.

"Samantha? Why am I not allowed back there?"

"Something about limited seating and shit."

"Oh. Are you allowed to be face timing me?"

"Yeah the doctor said that many of her patients do that."

"Yay! Thank goodness! I was so furious that I couldn't be back there."

The doctor interrupts, "hello luke. Samantha we are getting ready to perform some tests to determine the gender. So lay on your back for me please." She snaps on her gloves and starts on the tests.

"Okay." The doctor says after about five minutes. "I can know determine the gender. Would you like to know?"

I nod and gulp. I look over at my phone. Luke nods and looks nervous. I hope he's going to be okay.

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