Samantha Rogers was just a reject. She didn't have any friends. Her mom was abusive and her dad was never home. She started cutting and tried to commit suicide. Then when she has had enough of bullying she forces herself to throw up in the school bathroom. When a mysterious boy comes in and helps her she finds herself falling. Will this mysterious boy make her worse and tear her to shreds? Or will they make it through high school together?


14. chapter 13

Samantha's pov:

3months later~~~~~

I wake up feeling like shit. I run to the bathroom and basically puke my guts out into the toilet. Luke runs in shortly after.

"Are you okay?"

"Morning sickness I should be fine."

"Okay. I'm sorry."

Luke helps me up and grabs a wash clothe.

Luke's pov:

I wake up and Samantha isn't beside me anymore. I hear puking and I run to the bathroom.

"Are you okay?"

"Morning sickness I should be fine."

"Okay I'm sorry."

I help her up and grab a wash clothe. Running it under the water I see a razor sitting next to the sink with its cap off. Since Samantha has felt like shit for the past 3 months I gave noticed her not shaving her legs. So what was the razor doing out?

"Baby?" I ask.


"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Fine isn't fine Samantha. Fine means your drowning in your own tears."

"Then I'm worse than fine."

I look at her swollen feet and ankles. I look at her swollen calves. I look at her thighs. I look at her belly where it had grown over the months. I look at her veiny hands. I look at her face. Her bloated face and fearful eyes. Her tears streaming down her blue eyes.

"You are beautiful. You aren't fat either. You may think you are bit really you're not. I live you babe."

She shows me her wrists. Covered in fresh blood.

"I love you babe."

"Can you please stop cutting?" I ask her,

"I can't. That's like asking a smoker for 3 years to stop smoking. It's impossible."

"You have a doctors appointment in an hour to see about the gender. We can ask what the doctor thinks then."

I cup her face in my hands and kiss her lips passionately. I don't wait to pull away. I want this moment to last forever. Eventually I have to when it's time to get ready for me and she still has tears steaming down her face.

"Don't leave me. Please." She pleads biting her lip to keep from crying more.

"I won't. Ever. I love you Samantha."

We drove to the hospital 30 minutes after. I can't wait to find out the gender.

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