Samantha Rogers was just a reject. She didn't have any friends. Her mom was abusive and her dad was never home. She started cutting and tried to commit suicide. Then when she has had enough of bullying she forces herself to throw up in the school bathroom. When a mysterious boy comes in and helps her she finds herself falling. Will this mysterious boy make her worse and tear her to shreds? Or will they make it through high school together?


13. chapter 12

Samantha's pov:


The doorbell rings.

"THANK YOU ASHTON MR OBVIOUS!!" I yell down the stairs.

I open the door and grab the pizzas. I hand the delivery guy the money and shut the door. Luke ashton michael and calum attack me and the pizzas.

"I have some big news." Everyone stares at me and sits down.

"I'm pregnant."

"That's fantastic." Said michael

"Congratulations." Said calum

"Wow. That's amazing I'm happy for you." Said ashton

I watch as the boys eat their third slice.

"You need to eat something babe."

"I can't luke."

"Why not?"

"Look luke. I'm pregnant and my stomach hurts. I'm not in the mood to eat. Thank you though."

"Oh. Okay. Sorry for upsetting you babe."

"I'm going to go to sleep." I say realizing that it is 2 in the morning.

"Um me too. You guys and spend the night if you would like." Says luke following me to my room. I get undressed and put on booty shorts and a sports bra because I was already hot and my bed is already so hot with out luke in it with me.

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