Samantha Rogers was just a reject. She didn't have any friends. Her mom was abusive and her dad was never home. She started cutting and tried to commit suicide. Then when she has had enough of bullying she forces herself to throw up in the school bathroom. When a mysterious boy comes in and helps her she finds herself falling. Will this mysterious boy make her worse and tear her to shreds? Or will they make it through high school together?


1. chapter 1

Authors note: So this is basically a fan fiction based on a true story. Samantha is actually a real person and I am writing this book to show you her life along with some events I made up. She grew up in Indiana. She made a friend at 2 years old and have been friends ever since. She was in beauty pageants and won first place a few times. She moved to Minnesota and had a hard time making friends in 1st grade. She then moved to Oklahoma and had only one friend; she was a reject. She moved back to Indiana during 5th grade. Bullying continued, her grades dropped and lost any possible friends and even started cutting. 6th grade was a living hell. She later moved to Illinois at the beginning of the summer. Her grades dropped, she almost failed 6th grade. The cutting worsened. She move to Illinois and hated it there. Her dad got accepted to work at a church and they bought a house. They didn't celebrate her birthday that year. She thought it was because her family didn't love her. All of the sudden her parents got a phone call from her old school in Indiana and it was the school counselor. She took the phone away from her parents and gave them a look of. "I got this." She told the counselor that they had the wrong number and hung up. Her parents shunned her and showed favoritism toward her older brother. Then from that day forward. She hated herself. She remembered always being bullied and mistreated by her parents, family, and kids from school. She wanted to die. I know all of this because I am that girl. NOTE THAT MOST OF THIS DIDNT ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

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