My everything: 1

Suicidal Samantha's world comes crashing down. Cutting purging and crying herself to sleep every night started when Her mom died, and she ran away and her dad doesn't love her anymore. Then she met an angel. A sexy devious angel that is. Will he turn her into a better person or make it worse? Will she ever stop cutting or make it a part if everyday life and purging and crying ever might too? Or will he step in and ave her life? Find out In my everything.


8. the call

Samantha POV:

It's 8:46 and my phone is already ringing. I don't remember Ash, Calum, or Michael leaving as I look around heading towards my phone. "


I ask. My voice is groggy considering I just woke up.

"Thank God you're alive are you okay!"

Dad?" "


"Why? You don't care. You never have."

"Don't talk to me like that!"

"By the way I have a boyfriend." "You what?!" "You heard me!"

"Well I bet your boyfriend and I would be better off without you!"

I hang up and throw my phone against the wall. Great way to start the day. Not thinking I slam the bathroom door as I run into it. I sit there for awhile. Then I peek out the door. Luke is awake. I can't let him see me like this. I close the door and he runs towards the bathroom door.

"You okay?"

Luke asks I can hear the worry in his voice.


"Fine means you're drowning in yourself Samantha. I'm coming in."


I hold the door closed grabbing a razor.

"Samantha what are you doing?!" I'm crying now. "You're better off without me! Everyone would!" I start cutting my arms.

"Samantha no!!"

"Goodbye." I cut up my whole arm making me weak. Luke opens the door and that's the last thing I hoped I would see.

Luke POV:


NO!! I open the door to see she's cut up arms. I carry her bridal style and sprint to the hospital. When we get there she's still unconscious and her heart is still beating.


We race to a hospital room. She gets strapped into an IV and a blood package. Then I'm forced to leave the room.

Calum POV:

I have texted Luke and Samantha about 20 times already. It's 1:34 they have to be awake. I call Luke.


His voice with rough. He's crying. "

Where are you?!" He's crying harder now. "

The hospital. It's Samantha."

"I'll be right there. Meet me in the lobby."

I hang up and start running towards the hospital. Which was just 4 blocks away. I get there and he is still crying. I have never seen him cry. Except for 4 years ago, the first time he-. I push that thought to the back of my head. I can't think this way now. Is that why Samantha is here? That's when Luke looks at me and death is screaming in his eyes. He wants to die right now. I don't blame him.

After several hours of trying to calm Luke down the doctor comes out with Samantha, she is now in a wheelchair. "

She has lost so much blood if took 2 blood packages for her to regain consciousness." "

Then why is she "sleeping?"

"Luke at this point we know she will live its the pain medication this making her nauseous and tired. She will probably fully recover in about 2 months. Until then she will not be able to move her arms as easily. Roughly estimating the condition she's in I don't think the scars-"

"That's enough."

Luke says with tears in his eyes. I push Samantha on the way home, she's still asleep.

Luke's POV:

What would have made her do such a thing? Why does she think like this? Why'd she say everyone was better off with out her? We all know that's not true. I turn on the tv and start watching disney channel, because when she regains consciousness her want her to be as comfortable as possible. Incase she's thirsty, I grab two water bottles and a juice pouch. In case she's hungry, popcorn and Hershey's bars.

It's been 3 hours since we left the hospital. Why wasn't she waken up. I know it's a long shot but I've been watching disney channel for the last 3 hours so I'm feeling childish. I rub my thumb against her cheek and gently kiss her. Remarkably she starts to wake up.

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