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Suicidal Samantha's world comes crashing down. Cutting purging and crying herself to sleep every night started when Her mom died, and she ran away and her dad doesn't love her anymore. Then she met an angel. A sexy devious angel that is. Will he turn her into a better person or make it worse? Will she ever stop cutting or make it a part if everyday life and purging and crying ever might too? Or will he step in and ave her life? Find out In my everything.


9. still hurts

Luke POV:

It's been 3 months since Samantha's "accident". Her stitches have been removed and her scars are slowly fading. She still hadn't told me why she did what she did. We just bought our first house and are living together. All 5 of us. Samantha, Ash, Calum, Michael, and I. Shockingly we are just now having our first date.

She walked down the spiral stair case wearing a blue cocktail dress with diamond edging. We just bought this dress and a white sweater that matches, to cover her arms when she leaves the house. We kiss when she reaches that last stair. I carry her bridal style to the limo I rented for the night and we drive to her favorite restaurant. Italian food on the go.

It's a drive through only restaurant so we eat in the back seats. "

What do you want love?"

"Alfredo and broccoli please."

We order and as we eat she looks at me and says, "I like your tux."


We drive home after seeing The Fault In Our Stars, Samantha cried the whole time. "

I can't believe you cried the whole time."

It was sad." "Luke I'm thirsty."

We drive through McDonalds and get pops for the both of us. You will never believe who was at the drive thru window.

"Luke?" Shit...

Samantha POV:


A girl wearing a really low cut shirt that makes her boobs look to big for her shirt says. "

Luke who's this?"

Um... Samantha. This is my friend." "

Lilly." We end up going inside so luke and Lilly can catch up. We were there for 3 hours finally She extends her hand and I just look at it. She hands us her drinks.

"you two seemed like you were more than friends."

"Are you accusing me of cheating on you? We had a thing and it's over now. Promise."


It's been 3 weeks since then but they have been hanging out everyday for at least 4 hours alone everyday. I'm mad at him now. I actually think I'm jealous. "

So you really like her huh?" "


Whatever... 2 weeks later they kissed. "

Samantha?" I haven't spoken to luke all day.

A/n: these next two chapters are inappropriate. Sorry. Love you!

4 months later and we still haven't talked. "

Hey Samantha how's it going?" "

Stay away luke,".

He pulls me into his car ad we drive to "our" house.

Samantha POV:

Ash, Michael, and Calum are gone for the night because they went to the beach and stayed at a hotel there.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. He kisses me passionately.

Luke stop!

"He runs to the bed pulling me along. Luke lays on top of me and takes off my shirt. He then takes off his. He kisses me repeatedly and I yell at him.


he takes his pants off and takes mine off too. Unhooking my bra he kisses my neck as I let out a moan. That's when I lose controls. I'm still in love with Luke Hemmings. He talks my panties off me moaning through his teeth.

"Open your legs love."

"NO!" But I find myself following directions and he puts himself into me and I moan loudly glad nobody's home.

"You know you're enjoying this."

I feel him smiling through the kiss.

"You wish!" He thrusts in and out of me several times. "

Luke! Stop!"

Thrusts harder and harder. He starts kidding me all over stopping at my breasts for awhile and makes out with them.

"Moan my name you know you want this."

"Harder Luke." He obeys. "HARDER!" In and out. In and out repeatedly for a long time. Moaning I rub my hands over his area. He puts himself in me again thrusting as harder as his body will allow.

Humps me for a while. Then he sits inside of me for awhile. Then he thrusts his hips again humping inside me. This went on for a long time. Moaning one last time we lay there naked and sleep. I lost my virginity to Luke Hemmings. The one I still love.

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