My everything: 1

Suicidal Samantha's world comes crashing down. Cutting purging and crying herself to sleep every night started when Her mom died, and she ran away and her dad doesn't love her anymore. Then she met an angel. A sexy devious angel that is. Will he turn her into a better person or make it worse? Will she ever stop cutting or make it a part if everyday life and purging and crying ever might too? Or will he step in and ave her life? Find out In my everything.


17. lost.

"Morning class I'm your literature teacher mrs Thomas. We will be having a pretest tomorrow and a review packet today. They are in the back of the room."

I grab a packet and take my seat circling the answers quickly. I wanted to call luke. I turn it in along with some other students. I use one of my hall passes and go to the bathroom. I pull out my phone and dial luke.

Luke's POV:

I wake up to the sound of my phone and I thought the worst. I knew it was Samantha before even looking at the caller id. I set her ringtone to her singing amnesia.

" what's wrong are you okay?"

"I'm fine luke just wanted to say hi."

"Oh good. Hey."

"Crap teacher. Bye love you."

"Love you too."

I roll over and fall back to sleep.


I don't know where I am. I can't remember anything either except Samantha. I remember her face and her voice and that were dating. I think of her cuts. That's all I know.

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