My everything: 1

Suicidal Samantha's world comes crashing down. Cutting purging and crying herself to sleep every night started when Her mom died, and she ran away and her dad doesn't love her anymore. Then she met an angel. A sexy devious angel that is. Will he turn her into a better person or make it worse? Will she ever stop cutting or make it a part if everyday life and purging and crying ever might too? Or will he step in and ave her life? Find out In my everything.


3. everything.

Luke's POV:

"A cab please."

I asked that flight attendant and she have me a ticket with a cabs number on it. The cab I would be taking to my hotel room were I would meet Calum,Michael,and Ash to run over the schedule for tomorrow. I was on my way to the cab when I saw her. Her red hair was perfect. Freckles. Blue-Green eyes. Everything. Perfect. I watched as she walked. She looked sad. I also noticed her wearing 5 bracelets each wrist. Her eyes were red and puffy. She was crying. I walked over to her

. "Hey you look upset. Sit down beautiful"

Samantha's POV:

My eyes hurt from crying. My wrists ached from cutting. Then I saw him. Blonde brown hair. Tall. Muscular. Skinny. Perfect. And he was walking towards me. "

Hey you look upset. Sit down beautiful."

Did he just call me beautiful? I smiled and took a seat. "

Do you need a ride?"

God he was perfect. His lips shined and glimmered. I wanted to kiss him so badly. I nodded. "

Do you speak?"

Luke asked laughing. I giggled. "

Yeah sorry that was rude of me. I'm Samantha. Samantha Grace."

No don't apologize I know you're upset. What's wrong baby girl?"

Baby girl? What?

"Um...Well. My mom. She. She died last night. Her last conversation was with me and-"

he cut me off.

"Well if the last conversation was with you that sweet."

"Not the way this happened. The last conversation I had with her was-"

oh my gosh. I'm crying. What the heck are you doing Samantha you can't cry in front of a sexy guy like that what are you thinking. You should know- He cuts off my thoughts. Luke puts his hands on my waist and hugs me. I put my face in his chest.

" it's okay. You don't have to tell me if you don't want too." I wait until I stop crying and tell him.

" the last conversation was-it was me yelling at my mom. I told her I hate her and I never want to see her again."

"Awe baby."

He hugs me again and cries with me. We sit there together for awhile and we are interrupted by a horn BEEP BEEP BEEP. "Sorry that's my ride. I have to go. Do you need a ride?" "

No. I don't have anywhere to go. I don't even have a place to stay." "

I can fix that." He smiled at me. A devious,sexy kind of smile. I so want to kiss him right now.

A:N - sorry it's really bad. This is my first story. It will get better soon I promise! Thanks for reading so far!

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