My everything: 1

Suicidal Samantha's world comes crashing down. Cutting purging and crying herself to sleep every night started when Her mom died, and she ran away and her dad doesn't love her anymore. Then she met an angel. A sexy devious angel that is. Will he turn her into a better person or make it worse? Will she ever stop cutting or make it a part if everyday life and purging and crying ever might too? Or will he step in and ave her life? Find out In my everything.


1. birthdays and death

Samantha POV:

It's my birthday! I can't believe I'm finally 17! Oh my gosh! I'm going to be late for the last day of school,and next year I'll be in New York for college. This day has to be perfect. I pick out jeans, a sweatshirt with my name on it and my Aeropostale shirt. Cute and casual I can live with that. Pulling my hair in a ponytail I walk to the kitchen and make a bowl of cereal. I eat it quickly and drive to school. I walk into my first class,Language arts, and I see a note on my desk.

"Meet me by my locker. I have BIG news! Xoxo Margret"

Margaret is my best friend and is always there for me. A smile appears to my face. It's about her new boyfriend Jake. Everyone in High School already knows about it but she feels the need to tell everyone. After almost falling asleep in Mrs.Thompson's class I ran to Margret's locker.


"No way! I'm so happy for you!"

Just then the bell rings. I'm late. Ugh. Not again.

"Samantha Grace please come to the office immediately."

Great. I'm late for class and in trouble.

"See you later trouble maker!"

Gotta love Margret. I walk down to the office and I look around. It's my dad. He's sitting in a chair and is holding his face in his hands. What's my dad doing here? Is he crying? What happened?

"Um... Dad?"

He runs up and hugs me,sobbing into my sweatshirt.

"Sh-She's gone."

He looks at me and cries harder.

"Who? Who's gone? What are you talking about?"

He doesn't answer. The sobs stop but still. Silence. "


I put my hands on his face lifting it up. "

Mom. She's-She's g-gone. She was driving to work until and a semi truck rammed into the side of the car. She's dead."

I drop his face and ran. Ran down the halls and back into the office to sign out. I then fled the school running until I could breathe. This can't be happening. No no no.

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