|| accident || C.H

•|| accident ||•

He said it was an accident
But if it was an accident, then why did it keep happening.

If it was an accident why did I have to keep it a secret

if it was an accident why did I have to lie to everyone.

If it really was an 'accident' , you would have stopped.


2. // kicked \\

•||Ayla's pov ||•

Walking through the school halls once again with bruises up my arms and one under my eye was hard. The stares hurt, the whispers hurt. And that was all caused by the boy who "loved" me. As much as I love cal, I'm scared of him. I'm scared one day he'll do something much worse than punch me.

He wasn't like this when we were first together. He was the best boyfriend ever, always taking me on dates, giving me compliments, taking me places, or just being Calum. But now he doesn't take me on dates, he occasionally compliments, he doesn't take me places unless it's to band practice or to some where he wants to go, and he isn't the Calum I knew and loved.

He's like a mixture between Calum hood; the sweet, caring, warm hearted guy. And a monster, who's only job is to hurt people. Wether it be me, or even the guys who are supposed to be his brothers, he hurt people. And he enjoys it.

I walked over to my "gang" of friends. Cat gasped as she saw the markings he had left on me. Her mouth hung open as she studied the bruise under my eye, she started touching it making me wince in pain. I pulled away from her, stumbling back wards and slowly falling onto the ground. Laughter erupted from my friends mouths as I got back up. I glared at Macy as I dusted myself off.

"Oh what did you do this time?" Macy asked.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"You know, what did the hoody do to you?" Macy said poking the bruise on my arm.

"Ok first, ow! And second nothing, we were having a game of soccer and it got rough." I lied walking away from her.

"Don't lie to me Ayla. I know he hurts you, plus cat told me" she smirked.

"You told her!" I cried.

"What! No, I promised I wouldn't" she said raising her hands.

"You should have played along" Macy laughed. I hit her arm and she stopped laughing.

"Not funny, now let's get to class I don't fell like being yelled at my mr Mc'Allen" I said rolling my eyes.

As we walked to class I saw Calum and Luke walk into class, I smiled and happily skipped into class. I walked up behind Calum and put my hands over his eyes.

"Ashton fuck off man" Calum groaned kicking me in the 'area'.

I gasped and dropped to the floor.

"Shit cal, look what you did to Ayla" Luke said crouching down to me. I had tears rolling down my face and I swear it was bleeding.

"Fuck babe, I didn't mean to do that! I though you were ash" he said picking me up. He carefully placed me on the chair and brought his hands up to my thigh. Even though I was in pain I knew what he was going to do. I pushed his hand away and raised my hand.

"Sir c-can Luke please take me to the nurse" I cried.

"Whatever" he replied.

Luke carefully picked me up and walked out of the class, as soon as we got out he walked over to my locker and got out my bag.


"Shh, we're going to Ashton's" he whispered cutting me off.

He walked me to his car and placed me down on the chair. I cried out in pain as I made contact with the chair.

"Oh fuck I'm so sorry Ayla" he said rubbing my thigh. I nodded and bit my lip, not because I was turned on but because my bloody vagina was hurting.

Luke pulled out of the car park and sped off in the direction to Ashton's house. Once we got to Ashton's I pulled myself out of the car and slowly walked up to Ashton's front door. I opened the door with out knocking, no one was in the living room so I walked over to Ashton's room. I pushed open the door to see him laying on his bed but naked asleep. I slowly walked over to his bed and sat down, I lifted up my hand and brought it down to Ashton's junk. Hard but not too hard. He jolted awake and clutched his penis in pain.

"Ayla what the fuck!" He groaned.

"That's payback" I smirked.

"What?" He asked completely oblivious to what happened.


"Did he hurt you again, babe where did he hurt you? Is this bruise from him? I'm going to hurt him!" Ashton said getting worked up.

"Babe, sit. He kicked me in the area because he though I was you" I smiled.

"You never answered me Ayla. Is. That. From. Him." Ashton said through gritted teeth.

I dropped my head and nodded.

"Ayla! Why are you with him? He hurts you all the damn time and yet you're still with him!" Ashton yelled making me jump. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"Baby, I'm sorry I forgot. Shhh don't cry" he whispered pulling me into a hug.

"Uh ash" I giggled.

"Yeah boo" he replied pulling away slightly.

"You balls are rubbing on me" I laughed. He looked down and blushed.

"Right, well at lest if we were to have sex you know how big it is" he smirked pulling some sweats on.

I rolled my eyes and stood up but regretting it. A sharp pain went up through my leg and into my lower abdomen making me double over in pain.

"Hey are you ok?" Ashton asked running to my side.

"N-no, I think somethings wrong" I cried.

"Show me." Ashton requested. I shook my head no.

"I said show me." He growled. I slowly lifted up my shirt and there it was. Bruises all along my abdomen. Ashton gasped and lifted my shirt higher, more bruises.

"Ayla. Is this?"

"From Calum? Yes." I finished for him. Tears were falling from my eyes and were landing in Ashton's hair.

"Ayla we need to get you checked out" he sighed.

"N-no! you can't make me! They'll take him away!" I cried.

"If he's doing this to you then he needs to be taken away.

"B-but he, he said I-it was a A-accident" I cried.

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