|| accident || C.H

•|| accident ||•

He said it was an accident
But if it was an accident, then why did it keep happening.

If it was an accident why did I have to keep it a secret

if it was an accident why did I have to lie to everyone.

If it really was an 'accident' , you would have stopped.


4. Gone

Love. It's such a funny word. It's used to describe how you feel but what does it feel to be in love or to be loved? It's just a feeling, and feelings don't last forever. So why use this word so much, and why does it have so much meaning to it. You think you love someone but when really you don't, you only say you love them because you don't want them to leave but in reality they'll leave. They all leave. 

//3RD P E R S O N \\
Ayla looked around the room helplessly, she felt like a waste of space. How could she possibly rant about her boyfriend of 3 years to the people he 'loves' most, and now; he's going to be put in rehab for only god knows how long and she already knows she'll be in and out of hospital. She can just feel it. She sat up being carful not to wake the sleeping Ashton and Luke up as she hopped out of the hospital bed and walked out of her room. 

"Room 275, level 6" she mumble to herself.

She began wandering the halls and she came to a stop, a person she never through she'd see again. Could it really be her best friend. Could it really be her? Calum forbid her from seeing Alexa when he found out what they used to do, so she was a bit iffy about walking over and seeing if it really was the girl she had been best friend with for 8 years. 

Her feet moved her towards the girl before she was stopped.

"uh excuse me mam, visiting hours are over so can you please get back to your room" the nurse in the purple scrubs spoke. 

She nodded small and turned away to walk back to her room hut her name was called making her turn to the familiar voice. 

"Ayla! No fucking way! It's really you" the red head cried pulling Ayla into a tight hug making her wince in pain. 

"Yeah, still the same me. Look at you, you're looking good" she smiled. 

"Cut the shit Kayla, what's happened" she said sternly. 

"Holy shit no ones called me my real name in years. And I don't know what you mean by 'cut the shit'" she smiled starting to walk to her room

"Mhm whatever, now you still with crazy over obsessed lover boy?" She smirked. 

Ayla sighed. If only alexia had more time so she could know everything. 

"It's complicated" she sighed looking down at the ground. 

"Well when I come here tomorrow I'll be expecting the whole story. Now, what name do I use when I need to get your room" she chuckled. 

Ayla had to think, did Ashton say her name was Ayla, or Kayla? Surely he would have said kayla, but then again he's never called her that. 

"Erm, just ask for Ashton Irwin" she said smiling. 

"Is that Ashton?" She asked pointing behind Ayla. 

She spun around to see a worried Ashton walking around. 

"Ash!" Ayla called out. 

Ashton stopped in his tracks. He sighed of relieve when he saw the gorgeous brunet. He walked over and pulled her I to his arms. His heart was beating 100 miles per second. Did he really care that much for Ayla? 

"Ayla babe, why didn't you tell me you felt I was so worried an-" Ayla shushed him by placing her finger to his lips. 

"Calm, I just went for a walk and look who I ran into" she smiled pointing to lex. 
Lex smiled but her smile dropped when she saw the talk boy behind her. Lucas Robert Hemmings. Her high school crush. Wait, still high school crush. When ever they used to hang out lex would always try and act like she didn't like Luke but when she really loved him.

"Alexa! How shit it's been too long" Luke said walked over and hugging her. 
She slightly hugged back, she let out a small 'yeah' before awkwardly coughing. The 4 of then stood there in silence before Ayla spoke up. 

"Well you should get going, you've probably had a long day and we have a lot to catch up on tomorrow so you need to be well rested" Ayla smiled. 

"Yeah, ok so I'll ask for Ashton. Cya babe" she said kissing Ayla's cheek and pulling her in for yet another tight hug. 

Ayala's whole body was aching hut she didn't want to tell anyone. They'll cause too much drama. The thing Ayla didn't know was Ashton knew she was in pain, he knew she was holding everything in and he didn't like it. 

| A S H T O N || 

I watched as Ayla closed her eyes when lex brought her into a hug, she was in pain and it was obvious. When lex let go her small figure slumber forward making me jump and hold her. She could hardly stand and that was a worry, why was she like this all of a sudden?  Lex looked up and me and gave me a smile before walking off. 

"A-ash you can let go" she whispered. 

"What and let you fall, hmm how about no. Now, let's get back to bed" I said sweeping her off her feet. 

"Ashton! Don't do that I nearly shit myself" she giggled. 

"Whoops, my bad" I laughed walking into her room. 

As we walked in Luke was laying on the cold tiled flood asleep, I started to laugh so did Ayla. I walked around him and placed her on the bed, she slipped under the covers and pulled me down. 

"Y'know, that was a pretty sexual move if you ask me" I chuckled. 

"Oh shut up, I'm going to sleep." She yawned 

"Goodnight Kayla" I whispered. 

Her body seemed to relax at the name I called her. I haven't called her that since the day I met her back in primary school, it seems so long ago I met this beautiful girl. I closed my eyes smiling as I heard her light snores. 

"One day" I whispered to myself. 

*Next morning*

T H I R D P E R S O N 

Ayla, Luke and ash were woken with a loud banging on the door. Screaming coming from the other side made Ayla stiffen in fear, it was the boy she had madly fallen in love with. Calum. He wasn't sounding happy. He continued to scream and bang on the door until Luke hurried over to open the door. Ashton jumped out of the bed and walked over to where Calum was making a scene. 

"You could have fucking told me my girlfriend was in hospital! What gives you the right to hide her from me? What has she told you!" He was yelling. 

All Ayla could do was sit there and listen to her boyfriend scream at he best friends. Calum called out names to Ayla but she didn't do anything, she couldn't. She was frozen with fear, thinking her boyfriend could run over at any moment and beat her, he wouldn't car if his mates were around, he just like to see her in pain. 

"Calum we're going to need you to calm down or you will have to escorted out" Liz said trying to calm Calum down. And surprisingly it did.

Ashton and Luke walked back to where Ayla was sitting, shaking and trembling with fear. Calum soon slowly walked behind the other boys, then Liz was filled behind Calum. It was time. Time that Ayla told Calum that everyone knew, that it was time for him to get help, that it was time they were over. 

Ayla was shaking, she was sweating and she could hardly speak. Calum walked over to her and she pushed him away mumbling 'no'. He gave her a confused look but she just shook her head and looked at Luke, he took that as a sign to tell Calum to sit.. So he did. Ayla took a deep breath in and finally opened her mouth. 

"They know" she choked. 

Calum tensed in his seat, his friends knew. Everyone knows that claim Thomas hood isn't the same Calum Thomas hood that everyone fell in love with. 

"Know what" he spat though gritted teeth. 

"Everything." She sighed. 

"A-and that's why I'm in hospital, you hurt me too much and my body couldn't take it. Hell my mind couldn't take it, I'm sick of having bruises all over me just because you're a little mad. You're supposed to love me not hurt me. I believed you for year that this was just  an 'accident' but it really wasn't you wanted to hurt me, you liked seeming me in pain, you liked being in control, you loved how I begged you not to leave me and you loved how I cried out in pain, you loved causing pain not just physically but mentally and that's why you need help cal. You're not the same Calum Thomas hood I fell in love with, you're a monster and you need help." Ayla said not losing her ground, this was the first time in forever she had finally been able to say what she felt and man it felt good








Calum went to open his mouth but she stopped him. "Calum I don't care what you say you're getting help, and and w-we need t-to break u-up" she said voice cracking as her heart broke. 

Yes Calum May have changed but she does still love him, she always will. He was and still is her first love. 

"So that's it? You're going to send me away and break up with me. You know I thought I lover you but you're actually a lying whore, you've fed everyone lies about me just so you can get rid of me and get with someone else, well wake up call baby girl you can't get rid of me" he whispered the last part against her ear. 

"If you don't leave I will get a restraining order and have you out away, I don't care if it breaks my heart doing it, you need to be straightened out. You can't be a wife beater all your life, just because as a kid you were teased doesn't mean you can do the same to someone you apparently loved!" She cried.

"Loved! If you loved me you wouldn't want to get a restraining order or want to send me away to get help! You're psychotic bitch who needs mental help" he yelled launching at Ayla. 

Ashton and Luke jumped up and pulled him back, he started thrashing around in the boys arms. Screaming, yelling, hitting anything he could do he did it. 


Ayla dropped her head and started to cry, that was it. Calum was gone, out of her life but he threatened her as he left. Did he actually ever love her she thought. Ashton and Luke walked back into the room hair everywhere and shorts ripped, Ashton had a bloody lip and Luke had a busted nose.

"Let me guess he said it was an accident" Ayla said looking up sighing. 






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