Nialls forgotten sister part 2

If you read part one you would know what happens, please read book one and then read this one.
this one about niall and Nevaeh trying to get everyone to agree and letting them be brother and sister.
and nevaehs adopted parents go crazy and tries to hurt her and makes sure they never see each other again.


2. part 2 almost over

when they get to the hospital they have to ask questions on what happened, and then fill out the information sheet which was a little hard because he barely knew her,

"hey how are you." harry said "feeling much better oh thanks for helping me and risking your guys life for me." she said "no problem, do you think there home yet?" Liam said "yeah I think they are what time is it." she said " 11:25pm." niall said

Nevaeh's parents arrive in the hospital at 11:40pm and there not happy with her and niall

"I swear when I get to her room if there still there I will hurt them all I cant believe they would do this its no of there business." her father said "I know if I see nialls parents there I will totally get them arrested for metaling and kidnaping our daughter and well balm them for everything." her mother said

niall calls his parents and tells them to come to the hospital right away.

"niall and the others I knew once we found our daughter missing that you guys where behind it and now look what you've done if you would of backed off and left things alone none of this would be happening and now Nevaeh is going to be paying for it are you happy now niall." he said "none of this is my fault if you would have introduced us then maybe we could have become one big happy family but no you just went crazy and balm me because you have angry issues." niall said "niall dad please just stop im done fighting okay im bruised and tried and im just done so please dad just leave them alone there not apart of this anymore so just let it go." she said very tried.

nialls parents showed up 15 minutes later and when they walk in the room they just couldn't believe what and happen.

"what did you do to our baby girl." she yelled "oh shut up she's not you baby girl you didn't even want her when she was a baby." the other parents said "we still loved her everyday and when niall found the files we just realized that we wanted her back and we clearly deserve her I mean look what you did to her she's barley breathing" nialls dad said

after everyone was done fighting the nurse said that everyone needed to leave to talk to the police about what happen that's when Nevaeh runs out of the hospital with her clothes on and doesn't look back so when the police officer and the others go in to disguise what happen she's gone and no where to be found.........  



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