Nialls forgotten sister part 2

If you read part one you would know what happens, please read book one and then read this one.
this one about niall and Nevaeh trying to get everyone to agree and letting them be brother and sister.
and nevaehs adopted parents go crazy and tries to hurt her and makes sure they never see each other again.


1. lock up

after Nevaeh's parents throw her in the car and drove off they locked her in her room without food and a little water, but that doesn't stop her she breaks the window and tries to run but her dad follows her!!!!

"Nevaeh come here you are suppose to be in your room what are you doing are you trying to get us mad you ungrateful child, COME HERE NOW!!!" he said

when he finds Nevaeh,

"dad let go your hurting my arm." she said "good you deserve it." he said

when he brings her back instead of keeping her locked up in her room they lock her up in the basement, with no way out.

"daddy please don't do this I'll do anything you want please." she said crying "you've done enough now shut up and stay, or I'll be back and you wont like it." he said

after 2 hours without food or water Nevaeh decides to call niall for help.

"niall please help, my dad has lock me in the basement without food or water." she said crying "I don't know what to do have you've tried calling the police." he said "yes but my dad already called them saying that any calls saying Nevaeh's trapped in the basement is just a prank call so they wont help me you and the other boys are my only hope please will you." the phone got cut off by her parents.

2  hours later and her parents come down,

"honey have you learned your lesson yet." her mom said "what lesson, that I cant see my brother or my real and loving parents who don't lock me up for a stupid lesson." she said "listen her you piece of crap we took you in when you were just a little baby that was not suppose to make it we took good care of you and then you ask us about the stupid horan family and ruin everything." he said  

Nevaeh's dad lifted up his fist and punch her so hard that it knocked her out then he kicked and bruised up her face and body, Nevaeh's parents went out for dinner and connected the phones so they could make calls, after they left Nevaeh got up and called niall again asking for him  to come and get her.

"niall my parents left please come and get me out please." she said nervously "where on our way call us when they get home if where not there in time okay." he said "okay." she said

when niall and the others arrived they opened the door and carried her out to the car where they brought her to the hospital........ 


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