Lillian isn't your average 17 year old she doesn't want to be notice. But it all changes after her older brother has a party...


5. The Truth

Lillian's POV

"..... Who's Zorb?" As much as I didn't want I tell anyone I had to. I was surprised I dost tell people I knew but I was know telling a stranger the only who knew was my friend Mackenzie. I started with a sigh "Ok we'll when I was little my parents never got married and they split when she found out my dad did drugs. Every night I would cry myself to sleep asking where he was. She left him and filled the void with Alcohol and men. Every night it was a new guy and more alcohol. That's was until she met Zorb." I began to tear up now. "Every night they would get wasted and argue. Then it got worse and he would beat her and I was there and sometimes my friends, that's why all my friends left beside my friends today, Emilia and Mackenzie. The fighting wasn't the worst part he gave a look that I will never get out of my head. Then my mom got just has bad she would call me down to help her but I was little and I couldn't do anything I was little I thought it was my fault. Then as I got older I would just lock my door and stay in my room and cut. I could hear the yelling of my name and I would just cut every time I heard my name." At this point I was crying. "Only if I had killed the bastard when I had the chance non if this would have happened." I was know balling my eyes out I noticed the other boys heard the while thin but I didn't care. The last thing I said was "10 years 10 years i did this with my mom and Zorb. It started when I was 4 to when I was 14." I just kept crying and crying it felt good to let it all out. I was just done keeping it in.

Luke's POV

I felt terrible for her she had such a bad life for such a pretty girl. I wanted to kill that dick Zorb. I felt like I needed to protect her she needed me and I think I needed her.

Lillian's POV

Once I was done crying I decided to take a showers the guys said they would be downstairs. So I hopped in and realized I didn't have any clothes so I ran into my room in my towel. I noticed a bag and I saw a note it said "hey sis I know why you've went through but I thought I would let u now I understand. Love, your bro" My brother is awesome, he didn't go through anything I went through he lived with my grandma all his life I moved in 2 years ago. Still I love him and Rey way he understands me. I got into the bag and pulled out some black leggings and my ACDC sweatshirt. Then I put on a little bit of makeup, I don't usually put it but I was with 4 boys I thought I should look decent. Then I put my hair in a ponytail and curled it. As I was walking down stairs I hear "CALUM STOP YOU ARE CHEATING!" I hear Ashton yell I'm assuming there are playing a game in the basement it sounded like. As I walked down stairs I can't help but laugh as they are all so consumed in the FIFA. "HEY LILS!" Calum and Ashton yell "Lils?" I questioned "That's your nickname!"

"Ok we'll hey Cal, Ash, Mike and Lukey! Sorry Luke there are no nicknames for you." Everyone bursts into laughter beside Luke who looks sad so I go over and hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek as he blushed. Then I ask if they want to watch a movie and they point over to a stand full of movies. I saw Mean Girls and had to watch it them put it in ad sat on the floor. Has the movie began to play they said yes with excitement. I couldn't help but laugh and say "4 grown men like Mean Girls." Then they all give each other looks and all come at me with tickles through that all I could say was "m.....m.....mercy mercy!" Then eventually they all stop and Luke pats the couch next to him and I sit and watch the movie with them all but especially Luke. There was something about that boy I just don't know but I think I like him. I don't know how I can like somebody after knowing them for 2 days but somehow I did.

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